Amazing Budget-Friendly Dinners

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21 Responses

  1. Omg those hot dogs in the beginning

  2. Nah, thanks, I'll stick to my precious Indomies

  3. More b friendly dishes pls

  4. Budget is rice with beans and vegetables.

  5. Sharon Hill says:

    Budget friendly, but damn unhealthy

  6. So yummy great job😊🌹❤🌼

  7. Amy G says:

    Uhhmm if you truly want to be budget friendly don't buy processed foods, dairy or meat.. rice, beans and cheap vegetables are way more budget friendly

  8. Lol budget friendly for the rich😂😂

  9. We've already seen these foods #when your on a budget for "NEW" content

  10. Yo lo compre en walmart y me encanta .

  11. The shrimp scampi and the pot roast were the only edible things here

  12. z a myers says:

    that second one is disgusting!

  13. I don’t see anything budget friendly here tbh?

  14. How to Eat Like Trash When You're Bored and Have Some Money

  15. Eat apple and lettuce

  16. What is this I didn't get a fuckin notification sorry for my language but I hate when I don't get a notification from tasty

  17. Lor B says:

    "Two budget friendly garbage meals and two semi healthy but $$$ meals".

  18. Ivo Ovinge says:

    can someone explain to me americas obsession with putting cheese on almost everything who the fuck thouighjt of using cheese puffs as a cover for chicken just wtf

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