What I Eat In A Day – Easy And Healthy Meal Ideas For Weight Loss – Skinny Recipes

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48 Responses

  1. Aman Bhullar says:

    Can we make the muffins without eggs?

  2. Yes please we all want guilt free snacks and desserts. Can I use jaggery instead of coconut sugar ?

  3. Suparna Paul says:

    Mam please share evening snacks recipes. Are these recipes shown here is safe for a bleeding piles patient???

  4. Yes I feel very hungry at 4 to 6 so we lease share healthy snack recipes

  5. pls post healthy evening snack

  6. Very nice idea dear ☺ thanks for sharing

  7. Hi pls give more protein diet options for vegetarians

  8. Annies Minu says:

    hi…all of healthy dishes are easy to make but when u say 1cup,i get confused how big or small is your cup??can you make a video of portion size ??

  9. ranjani elle says:

    Suggest some apple cider vinegar in South India

  10. Gargee Dutta says:

    Thanks for the video.can u upload more recipe of evening snacks for diabetic patients

  11. Rashmi Ashok says:

    Yes evening are the time..wen hungry the most.. please share more healthy snack recipes

  12. Hi mam.Nice vlog.I do have a query was that a sugar free chocolate?

  13. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  14. Pls more evening healthy recipes

  15. ameena khan says:

    Awesome..Thanks for sharing Mam…
    What u use instead of sugar in the tea..???

  16. Hi, Yes, I have been snacking wrong & a lot at night & mid day. Why put the coconut oil on the ice cream scooper instead of putting it on the Muffin tin? Yes More Healthy Meal days! Please🤗🐽✌❤ Sheryl

  17. Adipoli vdo chechii…coconut sugar evdunna chechi vangunne?

  18. sakshi 1 says:

    Yes mam i also feel hungry these days dnt knw y?

  19. Jagan M says:

    Super keep rocking

  20. unicorns s says:

    Nisa ji,can you tell me where did u get rolled oats ,,I am trying to find some but not being able to,,can you help me ??

  21. Zain Shaz says:

    Iam a big fan of ur recipies…tried almost ur recips…its so helpful my weightlosss journy…

  22. Uma kudal says:

    Pls could you tell me what are substitutes for eggs, as I don't have non veg at all

  23. I have subscribe ur channel but still i m not getting any notification i don't kniw why what's wrong with that

  24. Ma'am, these are egg receipe
    . Please help without egg. Please it's an request..

  25. Sree Ami says:

    Nisa hwz you? Kozhikode okke Nipah virus threatening aanennu kettu. Hope you and your family is fine.

  26. Sree Ami says:

    Hlo Nisa very good video.

  27. Mam wat is the difference between rolled oats and normal oats?

  28. Hi mam
    What is the reason for peel the almonds

  29. Rensy Eroth says:

    Madam can you please tell me why do you use pink Himalayan salt

  30. yasmin khan says:

    Is protein drink good for you and if it is good when to take it (vegan protein it is organic) and I would like to let you know I like all your receipe and have been trying them we do not get moringa leaves so can we use powder instead. Thank yu

  31. Nagamani H A says:

    Hi Nisha all your receptors are very nice and healthy what can I use in place of eggs in muffins and oats parata

  32. nirmala kp says:

    hi nishaji how to do witout egg I am pure vegetarian

  33. Very helpfull Video Thanks Mam

  34. yasmin khan says:

    Hi plz can you make pizza with chickpea flour

  35. konan ahmed says:

    Mam, don’t eat cucumber in the night as it can lead to water retention.

  36. Rini Nath says:

    Thanks a lot… But can u plz tell the temperature details to bake these muffins

  37. thank u soooo much for that muffins recipe.. i love muffins 😍❤😘

  38. Very healthy recipes mam.

  39. Thank you very much for your healthy recepe

  40. suria t says:

    Hi mam…do you use normal sugar in tea?

  41. Hi, can you post more healthy evening snacks for kids

  42. Yojana Tambe says:

    Yummmm…Thx a ton…Lots of luv Mam😊👍👌

  43. Bindu Nair says:

    Nisa…your recipes are real and good. Please share more snack, juice or any other items for evening…as iam more hungry at this hour of the day after office time.

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