Egg Wrap | Egg Frankie | Quick Lunch Box Recipe

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16 Responses

  1. Emir Zayan says:


  2. how to make Hot sauce.?

  3. sicin swiss says:

    Nice recipe…Subscribed to ur channel ….. Subscribe me back and keep supporting 😇😇😇😊

  4. PSRK # 23 says:

    Simple and nice…

    Request : make a video on coconut rice in Andhra style..

  5. Sasi rekha says:

    pls take this as a serious advice, as i'm a great admirer of your recipes and your beautiful outlook, but i could see that you lost some hair in the front.. plss take care of your hair too, wanted to see you as young as always .. 🙂

  6. Super mam and how to make hot sauce

  7. 😍😍😍👍🏻😋😋😋very nice maaam😋

  8. Sahana L says:

    Mam u like eggs is it right.

  9. Whether the mayanaise is eggless and how to make hot sauce

  10. First comment 😊🤗…yummilicious

  11. Super yummy …..pls do healthy and interesting menu for kids

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