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  1. I wouldn't call these 1 minute though…

  2. Fadinq fries says:

    But you have to put most of them in the oven for like 2 minutes…

    Don't get why I commented this?
    Look at the title of the video.

  3. It doesn’t say what you need >>>>>:(

  4. the title said 1minute dessert
    1:00 it baking
    That doesn’t take one minute

  5. Nsn Nsms says:

    Ai hay Cho một like

  6. I love these but just wonderin, are they using pie dough???? Like what's the recipe????? Plz answer if you have one

  7. TeddyMessYT says:

    This takes longer than 1 minute

  8. I had to stop halfway through the video because my mouth was watering too much :/.

  9. taism26Lisa says:

    What are the measurements for the lava cake???

  10. Please make more super hacks of food crafts

  11. Seronoklah 5 minute crafts

  12. MARWA TV says:

    Kapkeek is not complete

  13. CR7 Ronaldo says:

    I realy love this video and this is es

  14. Never eat egg and banana together it's harmful

  15. The title is 1 minutes deserts but in the starting even u r baking for 90 seconds … : (

  16. Has anyone else noticed that in the thumbnail they are putting shaving cream on the muffin??

  17. Can u please make videos in which the cakes r eggless,bcoz m vegetarian..

  18. 4:22 la irunthu use panurathu. Cheesa

  19. I like 5 minute crafs very much and I am also trying some of the things which u guys made

  20. Ok why in your thumbnail your putting shaving cream on your cupcake

  21. I think that you put the names of all the ingredients so that I can follow but it was really good I'm bout to make my own when I find out what all the ingredient are thank you

  22. Omg i havent eaten anything all day exept for breaky, so watching this was like torture!!!!!

  23. Miso Sama says:

    Was anyone else really uncomfortable when they took that straw out of the banana or is it just me

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