Chocolate Coconut Dessert that looks real Coconut No Mold Challenge How To Cook That Ann Reardon

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  1. Hardeep Kaur says:

    I 💛 COCONUT!
    I also love this channel.

  2. Kim Ackerman says:

    I miss maggie chortles! #expat

  3. I dont know why but ive been watching you since i was 7 (im 11 already) but i still was not subscribed……why tho??? But i looovvveee your vids and now i am SUBSCRIIIBED!!!!!! Well i dont know why i wasnt subscriber before….. But anyways babye!!!!!

  4. Elyne says:

    Love your videos, I binge watched al of them in the last couple of weeks. I really love how you explain everything so well and show alternative methods as well.

  5. i love all your video.This one was the best
    plz can u make a cake on AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR theme.LOVE FROM INDIA 🙂 🙂

  6. Can you tell how to make candy for top coconut choc

  7. Boogie says:

    love the MAGPIES at the end too! 🦅

  8. more candy pranks on jazza! (or any kind of colab w/ jazza!!)

  9. you are amazing!!!!!!

  10. Thi Htoo says:

    I love! READ MORE.


  11. awesome! i wish i could try cooking that… i dont have meterials and my parents dont have time to help me make it either… more more more! you are the best!

  12. Eva Angelina says:

    I love you so much, you're all i watch nowadays and I get excited every friday to see your videos! <3 Thank you for another awesome vid

  13. Chemikael says:

    Just wow😭😍❤ As always, this channel never fail to amaze me with the creations. Hope you fly over to Philippines someday, Ann ily😘

  14. aaa aaa says:


  15. Horror movie cake! Also Ann love this vid ❤

  16. bird271828 says:

    Ann, how do you come up with these ideas? I love it. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. bb mama says:

    really creative! love it

  18. I have never had coconut

  19. hi ann can u plz answer this question which is that im a baker and I like cooking (but don't post it) and if we lived near each other would u ever collab with me?? I was just asking because im a noob utuber and your famous and my only dream is to meet u (but ik that wont happen) so yea please reply with an answer and love the video ann byeeee

  20. Yasmin Seah says:

    That looks super good, I really want to try making it now

  21. Ann why didn't you join "Zumbo's just desserts" ? I hoped to see you there haha!

  22. bella nasir says:

    I adore you so much, Ann ! Love from Malaysia💕

  23. oooooo wow I need this in my life

  24. Jin Ho-Cheon says:

    Wow, I love this, but I dont know who dislike!

  25. Pab Pob says:


  26. these look amazing. I might try putting ice cream instead of mousse. But it would've been so funny if it was a swallow coming towards the coconut, Monty Python fans, where you at?

  27. Pls do more no mold challenge! 💜💜💜

  28. Notifecation squad love this

  29. bella kann says:


  30. Thank you!
    Amazing! Father's Day is in two Sundays here in the States, and my husband loves coconut and chocolate. This will be what we'll make for him. 💜💜💜

  31. Hey ann i have a question: you said in the video that we could leave that rough edge on the shell, how is that going to work with the rest of the dessert? Will you even be able to fill them and make a hole in the mouse? Thank you also for posting every friday i love your channel!

  32. I request you to do a giant kinder bueno

  33. learning to says:


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