Ham And Cheese Breakfast Pockets

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28 Responses

  1. Song kinda sounds like a remix on the "Good Eats" theme song

  2. N. J. Saroff says:

    I was told this is called Rocky mountain toast but okay

  3. Drew Rian says:

    I make these all the time but I use a pan don’t bake them like a wuss

  4. What to do with remaining bread??

  5. PA AG says:

    Wow nothing wasted

  6. Tina Deng says:

    Thought the ham and cheese pockets were cookies one the thumbnail… oops

  7. 박해정 says:

    I have American bread, eggs, salt, ham and cheese.

    I can do this.. probably.

  8. heaven bound says:

    Love that garlic…!!!

  9. Michael Rose says:

    Yeah sure I got time to do these in the morning

  10. Bill Rogers says:

    I make those a lot . Very good recepie!😉

  11. GiGixx621625 says:

    I kinda think the garlic in unnecessary. Like it would be too overpowering.

  12. Can I put it up in a fridge for a while and bake it on the same day? Seems like it's perfect for iftar 😂

  13. Franco M. says:

    🔴🤨 Nobody's got time for that

  14. Just replace that ham with some turkey, and I'm down.

  15. Moxie Beast says:

    Ok this is genius i cant wait to make it with my nephew!!!

  16. A different spin on
    "Eggs in a Hole/Basket". Love it!

  17. Is that the kiddie sized portion..?

  18. Cal says:

    no rice on a breakfast?
    what sorcery is this

    oh wait no asians usually eat rice on a breakfast

  19. nukage 219 says:

    Soooo american equivalent to egg in a basket?

  20. thicc says:

    the music sounds like an italian-ised version of a 90s cartoon intro theme

  21. spiceynews says:

    wHiTe bReAd iS uNhEaLtHy

  22. I’ve been making this for the past 3 years 😂

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