RE: COOK WITH ME!! Super healthy recipe!

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  1. With Amber's mammoth butt cheeks pressed together like two Swiss balls, how is she going to fart out those black beans? She should insert a drinking straw up her stink tube to vent her colon.

  2. LADYKAOS says:

    I've read this before but seriously, no wonder she eats at restaurants all the time. She really cannot cook.

    On another real note… When I was younger, I had a roommate Amber's size. She was an absolute filthy pig, and myself and my other two roommates couldn't easily be around her. She lied all the time and tried way too hard to fit in when we'd try to do things as a group or bring friends over. She rarely bathed and would even get marks on her pants and even when we'd point it out to her, she wouldn't address it. The worst part… when she would use the bathroom, it would stink up the whole house. Even if she was just going to pee. The ENTIRE house would smell like her vagina and it was absolutely disgusting. SHE would smell, too, after attempting to wipe herself. The stink would be all over her hands and if she was close to you, you'd have to beg your own soul not to gag. I mean the smell was out fucking rageous. For a dirty pussy to stink up a whole house… And for us to just be there and have to smell it…. God damn, thankfully she eventually moved out.

    Amber reminds me of this roommate. I don't doubt for a second that she's the equivalent.

  3. -so I went to the store
    – :O

  4. I thought she cut the onions in big chunks for Becky to pick out? She made it for herself so why would she do the onion so wrong?

  5. kaemincha says:

    "If I can higher the limit" bitch the bank will not raise your limit if you don't even know how to speak

  6. jenny says:


  7. She didn’t wash her lettuce, I’m sad

  8. Oliver says:

    So she didn't wash the lettuce… oh ok

  9. Misterlivs says:

    Who cuts onions that large when cooking??

  10. Get a life. Stop ripping off Ambers YouTube channel. You’re pathetic lol

  11. April says:

    These edits are gold lol

  12. Cutting that onion…. fuck was that?

  13. Can someone please es’plain to her how to properly dice and cook an onion! Omfg of everything she does idk why this irritates me the most 😂

  14. Windsor F says:

    I wish she would learn how to dice onions.

  15. Galaxy says:

    She's acting super dodgy about her money….saying 'oh my camera will be here but I can't get my MacBook even though I just tried to get it and a camera in one transaction"

    Sounds to me like she doesn't have the funds lol. Awk.

    ALSO, that bitch can not wear no 2xl. She's a 6xl in most imho.

  16. tasha b says:

    I'm sorry but it's actually enunciate* not annunciate, that's a word with a different meaning

  17. Anna A. says:

    lol why didn't she wash the lettuce??? you should always wash leafy greens sis

  18. The minute she cut up that onion I knew it was going be one of those awful recipes. 2 tablespoon garlic, then @ 3 tbspn of pepper. God. Honestly her pics of herself eating make me sick. She doesn’t know how to used a camera. ReD the manuals

  19. ms Marsh says:

    Just wear a tent

  20. For anyone who wants the wooo yes just record yourself saying wooo yes and then edit in your editor at a slower speed in deep voice hope this helps

  21. She never washes her veggies or fruit and prob not her hands… nasty girl!

  22. Those Doritos are calling my name, and when I get done with this video I'm going to fuk up that bag! 👀 Sincerly, The Food Monster 🐲🐲🐲

  23. anxiety says:

    I did a "WOOOH 😱" at the same time at 8:50 😂😂😂

  24. Yummy Sounds says:

    I dont get isnt oil bad for you? why is she critizising that she put water in it?

  25. Lina says:

    i love watching her before my workouts, i go twice as fast !

  26. Nick2564 says:

    ate a taco shell once and gained 300 lbs
    never again

  27. Vanessa Dawn says:

    This reminded me so much of the Sausage Party kitchen massacre scene. 😂😂🔪🔪🍅🍞🧀🍌

  28. Puma Poke says:

    some serial killers start out by killing small animals. amber started out by murdering onyuns

  29. i just realized…. in the popcorn clip, is she sitting on the aisle stairs in the theater? confirmed can't fit in seat

  30. bob belcher says:

    if she had used shells it probably would’ve been healthier because she would use a LOT less meat than in the lettuce

  31. T Wayland says:

    She used enough beans and meat for over 6 tacos

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