How To Make Mesmerizing Brazilian Desserts

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  1. Kaze Hoshi says:


  2. NRGoon says:

    I would you try you first 😜

  3. carolbuzelim says:

    Eu vivi pra uma piada do pave no tasty hahaha

  4. Can you do Peruvian desserts/foods NEXT? You've done Colombian, Brasilian, Mexican, Venezuelan,… but where's Peru??

  5. Nashi Kima says:

    Muito interessante o video, porem as receitas não são iguais as que fazemos aqui (somente a do brigadeiro esta igual) achei meio ruim ela ter mudado a receita pra ficar mais "bonitinho" :/

  6. narpuz says:

    Pavê – pacomê hahaha
    Sounds like a typical family joke 😀 I like it! <3

  7. Albdruck says:

    That trifle looks so good!!

  8. perukito. says:

    Venezuelan desserts next !!! Arroz con leche is so good man. Tres leches too 😍

  9. Mayra Mah says:

    Cadê os brasileiros de plantão aqui? 😂😂😚

  10. Blak says:

    Sugar? THAT'S MY LANGUAGE :>
    … unfortunately :p

  11. I value my teeth too much to eat any of that. Jesus 😖😖

  12. Aliyah Happy says:

    I love to see north or East African desert

  13. Shara Jean says:

    make this a series and Italian should me next

  14. GeeCee says:

    The Cheesecake de Gelatina is similar to our desert here in the Philippines, we call it Cathedral Windows. But ours doesn't have cheese and a crust in it.

  15. I love seen a female in her natural habitat. Nature is so beautiful

  16. Nonsense, Pure nonsense. fire your editor. Also in band camp they did band camp things (if you know what I mean).

  17. This is like the brazzers of food

  18. I have been to Brazil and the food and dessert there are like so good to the moon and back

  19. Vivian Tran says:

    I know the answer! I would try D. ALL OF THE ABOVE!

  20. should do more desserts from central and southern america tres leche and churros are the only ones u ever see….

  21. God damn, that’s a lot of sugar and chocolate. Not hating though.

  22. SuSu SeaSky says:

    Shouldn’t you guys have explained that the heavy cream used is creme de leite that comes in a can different from the heavy cream u can purchase at an American supermarket

  23. Chris Hansen says:

    the jello one wouild taste good on you!

  24. Poker Face says:

    I reallt thought the first one was rice hahahah

  25. Oh yesss is a interesting dessert

  26. anne melvine says:

    Mesmerizing Argentinian desserts next?

  27. Amazing
    Please keep your support also
    With me Always

  28. Mervé Leto says:

    so brazilians love to steal other countries recipies and make it their own

  29. Evelyn Pope says:

    4 :42 waz that a Christmas tree

  30. Why we don't have (Tasty )💔🙁here in Middle east !! Iam from Kuwait and If we do have it here I would love to work with them ❤️& sorry for my bad English 😅

  31. NO DONT COME HERE YOU WILL BE ROBBED AND DEAD. lol jk guys BUT IM NOT AT THE SAME TIME. that carrot cake its not the one we do here…there's no
    "chocolate cake" on top and no ganache… Idk where Shes from in Brazil but she needs to do her research my god…. Also The Pavê joking being explained was SO cringy!!!

  32. Levi GSH says:


  33. goodi bunny says:

    But is to see or to eat ? Kkkkk

  34. Lili Serrato says:

    Mesmerizing Mexican deserts🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  35. A. Belderbos says:

    so brazilian desserts are cheap, easy and sugary? sounds like diabeetus, i'll stick to my waffles, chocolate and eclaires thank you very much

  36. Im from Venezuela and THAT gelatin was my childhood, you guys have to try it, its SO easy and a lot diferent from normal gelatin

  37. Karen Lau says:

    I must try that trifle. I’ve never had a trifle in my life 😭

  38. K-Pop 4 life says:

    Came here to see if your were going to make baklava

  39. Titia Madara says:

    Aaaaa brigadeirooooo :3 amo

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