Fruit Custard Trifle Recipe By Food Fusion (Eid Special Recipe)

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41 Responses

  1. haja haja says:

    To set this trifle custard in refrigerator???

  2. Zee H says:

    Why do all your utensils look like toys

  3. Imran Raza says:

    Jo shadio me milta hy wahit color ka traifal us ki recpi chahiye

  4. Yae mah says:

    Tip: if you are making this recipe in hurry like you want to eat instantly after it cools down then, dip the bread in milk or after placing bread, add a little milk to make it wet. Or else the bread or cake will be stiff to eat.

    This desert should be made one day before to taste it better. That's when the custard settles and makes it a tasty desert.

  5. Farah Naz says:

    U can add coctail instead of fruits

  6. Ayesha AJ says:

    I was thinking of making triffle this eid and u made it easier thanks

  7. Pz tell me one thing. What if I don't use jelly in it. Do I have to increase the amount of sugar in the custard.

  8. add coconut powder to custred then it tates really awsome😉

  9. Mana Ali says:

    LoOking yummy..🤓

  10. Babes Beauty says:

    You are simply amaZing omg…..😘

  11. Nice Recipe Thanks for sharing yummy

  12. Beena Alam says:

    کسٹرڈ بہت گاڑھا کر دیا ہے
    اس سے اچھا میں بنا لیتی ہوں

  13. Free Charge says:

    Pls make doodh dhulari

  14. Humera Meraj says:

    plz make dodh dulari recipe video thank u

  15. Thank you for the simple yet delicious receipe . My daughter loved it . I added some nuts to it.

  16. Don't put into the freezer in the last ?.

  17. Aza Fatima says:

    Kya koi aur flavour ka custard powder le sakte hain

  18. Y u always add jelly in ur all recipes… 🙄🙄🙄

  19. Rizwan khan says:

    Kya custer ko thanda kr k phr dalna h ya phr grm?

  20. Moona Zoha says:

    6tblspoon custerd😱😱😱😱😱.yeah tou bht thick bunye ga.fazooooooool tareeen recepi

  21. mam koi easy chocolate chips recipe batao without oven

  22. Guriya Rana says:

    Itna thick custard or assembling stuff itna zyda k custard Kam or Baki sb zyada ha…or itna cake to custard to suck KR lay ga

  23. S6 User says:

    cake ko dry rakhne k bajay agar thora sa juice un pr sprinkle kr dein tu wo juicy ho kr ziyada maza detay hein i prepare trifle like this .ur looks delicious too.

  24. Can we add cream in it??

  25. Atif Hafeez says:

    bht vip desert h ymiiiiiiiii

  26. RR JRR says:

    macarons recipe plz

  27. Naina Mughal says:

    Thank you food fusion💚

  28. Sufi Mannan says:

    Its looking 2 yummy
    Proud of u

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