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27 Responses

  1. You have amazing clocking skills, sister!
    Sorry but in the health department, some ingredients could be viewed as a little bit questionable 😐 for using ultra-processed noodles and canned sardines. Please don’t eat that every week! Healthy food comes from fresh and whole ingredients. Great video though 👏🏽

  2. i will try to cook this recipe. thank you so much.

  3. You could at least put recipe blow for the 3 healthy breakfasts

  4. Gorgeous. And the food too.

  5. I am using this for my homework

  6. I am a jamaican but love african food.

  7. Jesseca A says:

    From the thumbnail you look just like a darker skin version of Rihana or is it just me??

  8. Cece says:

    Thank you look so yummy need to try this.;-) btw u are a very beautiful lady x

  9. Great ideas and so quick to make. Keep up the good work nwanyi oma.

  10. Was the green vegetable called kale? Or jute leaves?

  11. Shamika agim says:

    What vegetables was the greens

  12. Sama'a 00 says:

    Thank you so much. Now I'm stuck to your channel. Keep doing great 👌

  13. Indomie healthy?? Are you serious? It's nothing but a processed food with chemicals and preservatives and not one fresh ingredient. Aerosoled cooking oil and you say healthy? Whoa you need to go learn about nutrition.

  14. Totally trying them all especially the noodles, thank you for sharing

  15. Jade Garcia says:

    Yummy. Thank you for sharing!!!

  16. How is indomie healthy. About 700 calories in pack with all the carbs and oil. And that sardine oil. Smh. Girl bye

  17. Becky Silky says:

    Now I must say I'm glad I found your channel. great content and yea thanks for sharing 😍

  18. Rejoicedan says:

    I'm the 800th subscriber

  19. chinonye2 says:

    Love! Love the healthy brekkie ideas👍

  20. Well done with the healthy recipes 🙂

  21. Mena Oweibo says:

    Nazom this is so nice…i'm so trying this

  22. Hmmm…Yummy, a combination of all the foodies I love. Bread, Sardines, Indomine with Veggies, Egg sauce….awww…looks really yummy Nazom… Oh weight….Oh weight…

  23. Kay Mama says:

    how did u make it..probably where can I buy?

  24. Kay Mama says:

    did you make your ginger and garlic paste yourself?

  25. Kay Mama says:

    what kind of vegetable did u use?

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