Lunch Box Recipes- Indian Andhra Telugu Recipes – Vegetarian Cuisine Food

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17 Responses

  1. Reddy Reddy says:

    thank u ma amma la chepparu

  2. xcellent tip gayatri garu…thanks alot

  3. Priya Ravi says:

    hai Gayatri garu, thank u very much.usefull tip for us.

  4. a lavanya says:

    "chalividi" suger tho and Jaggery tho ela perpair chestaro chepandi

  5. asianlite6 says:

    Hi gayatriji,very usefull tips..thank you ji..:)

  6. Tina Vlogs says:

    Useful Tips Gayatri! Reminded of my Mother preparation during my school days! 🙂

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