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18 Responses

  1. kheer recipe so nice payl when we meet can u prepare for me my dr friend by sangeethasridharan

  2. wow yummi dish payal 😋😚😚😚

  3. sai lakshmi says:

    Your all rounder Payal your cooking very super yummy ricipes

  4. Very nice and yummy food my dear

  5. Latha CA says:

    Mouth watering… Mam plz give protein diet recipes

  6. Payal my mouth has started watering yummy food lajawab

  7. Mueez Khan says:

    Lots of love from both of us from India thanks once again

  8. Mueez Khan says:

    Thank u so much for sooo yummy dishes,its so sweet of u k aapne hume wish kiya.mujhe aur meri mom ko aapke recipes bahut pasand hai.inshallah v vl try this

  9. Nice video payal as always..I always have a smile when you upload a video 😊

  10. ROSHNI RAWAT says:

    Nice video di😘

  11. sumedha R says:

    waiting for your video..will try your yummy recipe 😊 watching now…

  12. KAVITA GHATE says:

    Falafel banate hai…..Egg ke sath 1st dekha……

  13. Samrah Ali says:

    Thanks for the video. Very helpful

  14. Usman Khan says:

    thanks payal eid mubarik…

  15. KAVITA GHATE says:


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