Top 10 Best Filipino Foods

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  1. Paborito ko sinigang na baboy

  2. I eat Kare Kare, Adobo, Sinigang! ALL FILIPINO foods! My parents is Filipino. Both are from Visayas. also me. Lol. I wanna try Dinuguan 😋😋 Oof my broken language

  3. I want to try bicol express since where going to philippines is it tasty??

  4. It's sisig not bopis

  5. Adverted U says:

    I expected adobo to be 1


  7. WHERE IS SISIG???????

  8. Philippine is just like India , people and food ,distasteful .

  9. Nasan ang tuyo isda .?

    Hahaha sarap yon

  10. Yana Paguio says:

    YES I AM

  11. Ruff-Nyte says:

    My top 3 are sinigung kaldereta and adobo

  12. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭MABUHAY🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  13. Minda Rosero says:

    I am drooling, big time

  14. I thought Adobo & Menudo are spanish

  15. That watterspinach adobo or how you call it…omgod its so fantastic!a white flower with the bagoong,that they say its good against high blood…i don't know the name,was delicious too.the white beans adobo,hmmm.not forget the big spring rolls as street food in manila with the sauce,and the philippino bbq.yummy the bistek tagalog at the hotel.tocino etc…but the list goes on.a culinary heaven is philippines.i got fat while having vacation meal to escape,except the blood meal called dinuguan (its because i don't like eating blood), the balut or the chicken istentine.the algae salad served with tomatoes and fish sauce was also interesting to try.

  16. The trending food in the world at the moment.

  17. Apa kabar popoy ? from Indonesia

  18. Wow. Paborito ko menudo, sinigang, Kare-Kare, Kalderete, at paksiw.
    Ang galing natin magluto! Sige lang phillipines!

  19. Dark 1999 says:

    Yung Bopis 😂😂 never kopa.natikman huhuhu 😭😭😭 …

  20. Noiz Liwanag says:

    san ung sisig na paborito ko? 😮

  21. Noiz Liwanag says:

    san ung sisig na paborito ko? 😮

  22. rock n' cute says:

    Yes but you forgot nilaga but I love sinigang,adobo & tinola 😀

  23. Dhenoezki says:

    sinampal lokang manok

  24. Kc Solis says:

    No sisig,lechon manok,lechon baboy,chiken
    But i love is sinigang manok at adobo

  25. Happy Frost says:

    I truly appreciate all of your feedbacks about this. Believe me, all of the foods that you were giving in which were not in this video are awesome and delicious!

  26. ano po ba kaibahan ng menudo..afritada..caldereta at mechado?

  27. G-d I wish they had a restaurant in Spokane for some amazing Filipino food here. Mom was raised in Indonesia and love that food as well.

  28. look not good it's look dirty

  29. Jji Ii says:

    nasan ung cnigang na baboy?

  30. Philippines would be in the top ten of the worst most disgusting boring horrible foods in the whole wide world

  31. Jamie Lacson says:

    A good list although I would rank them differently.

  32. Lil Chopan says:

    Napansin ko lng sa filipino dishes halos lahat pinakuluan.

  33. Bell Cruz says:

    kare kare is made out of peanut butter

  34. paborito ko ay sinigang at adobo

  35. THMAXIMUM YT says:

    I love adobo with egg

  36. adobo tinola sinigang

  37. willzurmacht says:

    wala man lang gulay puro karne hehehe

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