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25 Responses

  1. You can do tuna salad or egg salad..

  2. LizzyLime says:

    I love the crunchin!! LOL Oh hey, for lunch, do you like tuna sandwich? I love tuna.

  3. Love fresh veggies and fruit. Love aldis too.

  4. Mary Kester says:

    I love the meals u had. Ur daughter Haley is pretty! ☺😊 sorry if I spelt her name wrong.

  5. Amber F says:

    I love veggies and hummus..I eat the for lunch at least once a week💖

  6. I skip lunch a lot but I tried hummus and tortilla chips! Really good!! 🍪

  7. Just discovered your channel all your meals looks so good keep it coming

  8. Lurch 123 says:

    Hiya don't let Negative Normans! get you down I think you are a fantastic Mum ,Hayley is so lovely a credit to you xx

  9. Laura G says:

    I love Coke Life. I wish convenience stores sold it around here for when I'm out running around. I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners (makes me sick with migraines and body pain all over), but can consume natural low calorie sweeteners like stevia with no trouble. It's a good compromise for me when I NEED a Coke.

  10. Laaa Gueraaa says:

    Homemade fresh Italian beef subs, build a sub your way

  11. HaeliCeleste says:

    And yes I love the fact you guys eat dinner together ❤️

  12. Tracy Leanne says:

    Been trying so hard to find your Facebook so I can be added. If possible, would
    you p,ease give me your Facebook so I can send a friend request. Love your channel!

  13. HaeliCeleste says:

    What kind of pancake mix do you use? That pancake looks incredibly fluffy!

  14. U r funny and have a great personality… u should video more of your day and not just eating..I like watching your channel but the close ups of the mouth do gross me out a little:) hate just my thoughts

  15. redhenful says:

    Egg salad BLT's are awesome! It's basically egg salad sandwich..but you add BLT on it.. look up Trisha yearwoods egg salad BLT's club sandwich..

  16. Hummus is manna of the gods to me! Can't get enough of the stuff! I love dipping crunchy veg into it mmm mmmm! Raw sugarsnap peas or mange tout are particularly delicious! Making me drool this is lol 😁

  17. Mike Cetola says:

    Sicilian pizza, wings, and a cannoli

  18. Mike Cetola says:

    That soda isn't bad. To be honest, it's better than most juices…

  19. Mike Cetola says:

    Damn, that looks good

  20. SaOiRsE x says:

    Heard the expression eat like a king for breakfast a queen for lunch and a porper at dinner, I know I'm suppose to do the same but I never have an appetite until evenings, what about baked potato and beans for lunch?

  21. Kelly Raven says:

    You’re just a really genuine soul….love your videos….

  22. Jennifer says:

    It’s so nice to see your family all eating together. You’re right, most family’s don’t anymore but they should!!

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