3 Healthy Skewer Recipes | Summer Grilling

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  1. MsVNG says:

    Does firm tofu grill well? I’ve never tried, but just curious . Have you ever grilled tofu? Does it work?

  2. what if I only have a plancha? would it turn out the same?

  3. Jossy Kanoga says:

    So yummy.. thanks for sharing

  4. Try paneer for vegetarian option

  5. I want to see grill vegetables salad

  6. I love your creative recipes. My cousin had prepped a skewer with paneer and veggies for this past Sunday's cook out.

  7. mimicrono says:

    I love all of your recipes. However I hate with all my heart chili, jalapeños and the like. What do you suggest to substitute these with? Hugs from Spain.
    Also, your tips for the skewers are great. I will try to get the black ones here in my country. They are even non-stick!

  8. Absolutely win win grill recipes to try dear!!! Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  9. Cook something indian inspired. I would really like that.

  10. Wow!! Delicious recipes 😋
    It looks like Indian paneer & chicken tikka😊

  11. Like ur reciepes thank u

  12. diana v says:

    i’m so happy that i can still rely on your recipes for vegetarian recipes! i love you soooo much lol

  13. dark gyspy says:

    Thank you for sharing these delicious recipes with us.

  14. Riya says:

    So there’s this Indian cheese called paneer which can easily be used as a substitute for any of the meats or if you can’t find halloumi 🙂

  15. Serey Pheap says:

    Wow you are absolutely amazing so beautiful to😍😍😍😋😋♥️♥️👍🏻👍🏻

  16. We love skewers on the grill. I never thought about the double skewer idea! Thanks.

  17. Excellent flavours 🌸🍃

  18. These all look so delicious! 😋 I can't wait to try these recipes!

  19. mammie barry says:


  20. Edna Sackor says:

    Wow u are a genius! My pregnant 🤰🏽 mouth 👄 is watering

  21. Leka l. says:

    Why don't u make a keto menu .. that will be nice

  22. Omg I never known there are so mamy options apart from our Polish classic – chicken + bell pepper + onion + mushrooms 😊

  23. Alexis Timms says:

    For my philly cheesesteak skewers I think I'll put the Halloumi cheese on

  24. These look super delicious!! Definitely gonna have to give them a try! But for us folks that don’t have access to a grill, could they be cooked on the stove top or in the oven? 🙂

  25. You always make the most delicious things!!! I'm so hungry right now and my baby too because I'm pregnant 😋

  26. Tracy Herwig says:

    If you slice it longways, pop the halumi on the grill to mark it and then add a spoonful of tomato sauce and pre cooked finely chopped toppings, then broil, BAM—-no crust pizza! Thought you and Alyssia would get a kick outta that one! Halumi-luyah!

  27. satans child says:


  28. Ruth Cousins says:

    Great ideas and i love the puns 😂 i did want to ask a question though. When using metal skewers does this cook the meat from the inside and if so is this something i have to be monitoring on the grill? I just don't want to overcook them

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