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  1. Nawal says:

    OMG who else is loving these long vlogs?!

  2. Sara says:

    How’s your Invisalign going u should record ur process

  3. LOL I just woke up and started watching the vlog and I was like ooo it’s a longer vlog yay🤗 also love that your showing healthy breakfast ideas cause it’s morning for me right now or like close to 11:00am almost noon

  4. love you rem!💕i wish i could have come to vidcon to meet you!😢💕

  5. Omg that’s one of my favorite snacks — Medjool dates with almond butter! I haven’t tried covering them in dark chocolate, but I do put a couple dark chocolate chips inside if I need that extra decadence 😍

    Your breakfast/brunch looked sooooo good!

  6. When you pause Friends because of a Remi notification, you know the love is real 😁

  7. Rubes Bahena says:

    Hey Rem! Try some cashew butter in your smoothies! Life changing 😍😩

  8. Most youtubers: we got too much footage and we know you don’t like 30 min Vloga so here’s a 5 min one enjoy 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Remi: here’s the content pls enjoy I love you guys so so much

  9. Marta W. says:

    Omg i love Sarah's Day!! I love Remi too!! ❤️❤️

  10. My mom makes the pizzelles home made for the holidays!!!

  11. Bella P says:

    YASSSSSSSS REMI literally a 30 min vlog and every day what more could a subscriber ask for!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love that Ashley's half birthday is my actual birthday! Also really cool to see what you were up to on my 18th!

  13. Ines Pedras says:

    I love you your the best your have help me so match

  14. I’m soooooooooooo excited for the video with Remi that’s going to go on Niki’s channel!!! As soon as Niki announced her series I’ve wanted her to do one with Remi!!! Yay!! I’m excited!!

  15. Emma Katelyn says:


  16. You should make more long vlogs i love them! Love you remi!!

  17. I love you are one of the most professional and entertaining person on the internet!

  18. dani238159 says:

    Nice. You look good. Super buff.

  19. Love your cooking videos 💛

  20. Also by the way, if you like tea you should get tea from the whistling kettle online.

  21. Omg yess I love niki's new series

  22. Jennifer Lee says:

    Omg remi!! I just wanted to thank u for the best inspiring vlogs bc I've been struggling w my mental health and u r vlogs help me so much💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖

  23. I love your vlogs Remi soo much.! You are the QUEEN of VLOGING.! I love you so much kisses from Greece❤❤🇬🇷

  24. Paris says:

    Your vlogs always motivate me sooo much😗

  25. Ilysm remi plz do a testing weird beauty products video!! 🔅💕

  26. EARLY!!!!!! OMG Remi you are soooo skinny and SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!!! I LOVE YOU; plz like this comment if you see this it would mean the world to me i couldn't go to vidcon 🙁

  27. Elara T says:

    Remi I haven’t watched you in so long and I’ve gotta say, you look incredible 😱😱 so shocked! You go girl 👊🏼💪🏻

  28. Remi can you come over and cook for me? Your food always looks so good hahaha😂💘

  29. 32 minuets of remi?! Yes please!!😭💓

  30. Cydney Wills says:

    Omg 32 minutes of queen remi 👸🏽❤️

  31. Keyla Riv says:

    i am in love with watching Remi’s vlogs😭🙌💗

  32. We love a long video!!!

  33. Anna Doncov says:

    Remi ur such an amazing person ilysm😀

  34. abigail says:


  35. Arianna Heil says:

    I love the long videos a lot

  36. mercy nicole says:

    when is the workout routine coming out

  37. I love how positive you are!!!!! You make me more positive and your just so inspirational!!!! ♡

  38. Darlyn says:

    oooo giiiiiirrrrrl! i see you and your booty gainzz!!

  39. Janna Mendez says:

    Oh may God I love you remi

  40. OMG YEESS REMI! You are killingggg ur vlogging game ! Love you soo much and always be confident babe!

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