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  2. ruba says:

    may i ask where that cutting board is from?

  3. Amazing video again!❤

  4. Hannah Gane says:

    I bought your book 2 days ago so I missed out on the discount code….bummer !! I still love your recipes though ! 🙂 xx

  5. Bought ur book and my boyfriend and I love it!!!! Made your cauliflower burgers right away and are the best vegan burgers ive had!!!!! Thank you!

  6. Scot Girl says:

    The book is one of the best! The simple staples tofu is amazing as is the hearty veg soup! Made both today (only bought the book yesterday!)

  7. Marg B says:

    omg where’s your white top from i love!!!

  8. What do you do with the leftover juice pulp ?

  9. that is literally what i ate this morning; green juice and half a watermelon. put everything green i had in the house in the juice, even broccoli. it was delicious and really, and i mean REALLY detoxified my body after a night out… so if you are hangover or simply had a lot to drink a night before drinking a green juice is is perfect for drawing out those toxins out of your body.

    A disclaimer; i didn't mean this comment to encourage drinking, i myself got drunk first time and hopefully the last time in my life two days ago sooo…. don't drink alcohol kids, drink Maddie's green juice instead (much better for you and tastier)

  10. Those taco bowls are perfect for when you get people over! Thank you 😀

  11. My dear where did you get those glass for juice to pick up outside

  12. sun shine says:

    I wanna juice just to break up my day. I'm just curious how much fruit and vegetables you need to get one glass.

  13. Wahooo! Just purchased your ebook

  14. Wow I never thought of drinking juice in a way of giving your body extra supplements from very nutritious foods

  15. Hope Hendrix says:

    Could you post some green juice recipes? I really wanna do green juice to get in some nutrition because my diet sucks but I can't find any good recipes 🙁

  16. As a fellow Vegan, try surviving in a nonvegan friendly city or town like mine were mostly everything is Conventional GMO and heavily processed and loaded with toxic chemicals and the tap water is sketchy. When it comes to produce nothing is organic and genuine in the grocery stores on this rez and in the grocery stores in the surrounding towns as well. Btw i live on a Native American Reservation. In addition i am a Vegan who is on the front lines as a truther and an activist as well being constantly bombarded and nuked daily by Microwave DEW(Directed Energy Weaponry) which depletes my body's minerals and vitamins.

  17. Ouch that juicer is expensive lol

  18. great recipes!!! love the taco bowls, real pretty!!!

  19. As always I look forward to your what I eat in a day! I don’t have a juicer but I have a blender!

  20. Oh, sorry. When i asked how long the sale was going for i hadn't gotten to that part yet lol then i got distracted for a bit and just watched that part now.

  21. Brythonic says:

    You prefer juice over smoothies? You don't lament the loss of the fibres?

  22. WRRFFV says:

    Maddie, your banana bread recipe from your ebook is so killer! It is the best I've ever had and I got all my non-vegan friends hooked on it. 10/10 fantastic, especially when i add extra walnuts!

  23. Abby S says:

    What tortillas do you use?

  24. yadi deharo says:

    Hi Maddie! Thank you so much for the discount! I have been saving all of my favorite recipes from you and it’s been hard to keep track but I can now do so with the book ☺️

  25. I love kale salad. Think I'll have one today. Or maybe a taco bowl. Decisions, decisions!!!

  26. Maddie, I love those “mason” jars you used for your smoothies/juice…where can I get them??? Anyone?

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