Healthy & Tasty Complete South Indian Breakfast in Hyderabad

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18 Responses

  1. That Aint Healthy. Thats an oily, greesy, fat bomb

  2. Please just start the video without the music.

  3. R D says:

    I think that they are making a fool of me by wearing head protection, no gloves, mixing batter with hands half way in exposing all that hair and the guy packing food has no cover on head. Lets be real here…selling street food with lots of drama…not needed…we will still buy your food whether you wear those head gear or not.

  4. V Wo says:

    Looks delicious 👍

  5. Good food, good video

  6. mcbong92 says:

    which one is healthy ? follow your channel

  7. south er khabarey jyano konoo varity nei. bengali food a kotto variety

  8. kill ua says:

    first!! acknowledge me plebs

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