THE BEST VEGAN DINNER RECIPES | 10 Vegan Dinner Ideas | The Edgy Veg

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10 Responses

  1. That sloppy joe looks so gooooodd

  2. Kayakdog says:

    Great video very inspo'd and a the sloppy joe's recipe is a great vehicle for my new vegan fav Pretzilla hamburger buns

  3. Anything gluten free? Gone dairy free but gluten free has been so hard. I feel like vegan is out of the question with all the wheat gluten.

  4. Carla Watts says:

    Great video! BTW I love your cookbook too.

  5. Lisa Milsom says:

    Boyfriend could hear the video and wondered why I was watching 70s porn😂

  6. NiwaLeaf says:

    Oh man, I’m 1 meal in and my mouth is watering. 🤤💖💖💖

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