4 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. suganeyo says:

    I just discovered your channel and I absolutely fell in love! I'm starting with my healthy diet and have seen a lot of 'fitness channels' but yours is defenitely the best! Everything is easy and yummy for sure 🙂 Gonna try a lot of your recipes. Keep going!

  2. Rider Ghost says:

    These all look so good ❤😍

  3. Meena Shehri says:

    Asshole what can I expect from shity Peterborough uk Randi kejery group upass

  4. Grace Bock says:

    Liked your simple but substantial ingredients

  5. Shivam Kumar says:

    The last one is very awkward

  6. mynameislei says:

    Please think about vegan options as well

  7. Pauline K says:

    I appreciate these great recipes to better my health. Thankyou very much! I will make some for sure and sharing the blessing too.

  8. Sochy _ says:

    How much calories is in the bread?

  9. Rowan Ehab says:

    Wow 😍 can't wait to try
    I really love how you put an information for each recipes
    Honestly YOU DESERVE MORE THAN ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS oh sorry I didn't notice
    Keep going healthy chef 😂😘😘

  10. Outstanding, excellent thank you for those awesome sandwiches. 👌👍💐💐💐👏👏👏

  11. Cottage cheez can help for weight losa

  12. If tuna is not available then which fish can be option

  13. Lyric4L says:

    Ok, so I have left many message explaining my love for your ch. but that last sandwich is suspect…lol

  14. V xoxo says:

    Love the new background music

  15. Love them they look nice and healthy…

  16. Basically I am vegetarian..I only have egg in non veg…while watching the video I felt unhappy for first 3 recipes but the the last made me very very happy

    Instead of green olives can I use black olives.

    And last but not least thanks a lot for ur recipes I follow them regularly…

  17. Rahil Rad says:

    These recipes are so good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 … I’m making some of them regularly.🤓
    Especially the egg almond biscuits 😋and soups 🍲.

  18. Aznah Damree says:

    A really helpful video..
    I love it..

  19. Your videos are well done. I feel like I'm watching a food commercial! lol

  20. No hate, just some feedback. You should include vegetarian recipes in the videos as well. For instance you can at least include two vegetarian dishes out of four. Or just mention 'non veg sandwiches' in the title. Not like 4 minutes is a lot of time but it's very disappointing for a vegetarian to click on the video and find nothing useful.

  21. Joshua Joan says:

    Yum..😍.so hungry for sandwich after watching this

  22. Sir veg dinner respic bnao

  23. Wi Ga says:

    Now it's time for granola bars!

  24. Please subscribe to my channel even I don’t have any videos but I will soon and like this comment plz I’m only 12 years old

  25. And I love your videos so much I watch every single of them 🙃

  26. amnah amnah says:


  27. Please like this comment if you agree that eating healthy is right and of course 😌

  28. Yung Hax says:

    That looks awesome Man 😀 keep up the good work

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