Easy & Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas | lunch & dinner

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33 Responses

  1. i am so glad i found your channel so soon after i went vegan 😥 i always look forward to watching and making your recipes 💫

  2. D.P. says:

    Looks great as always!! <3
    Good tip, add the lime at the end. Lime can taste bitter when adding while cooking <3

  3. Jay Cee48 says:

    The pasta dish looked yummy. Love the Crystal you painted. I like doing Zen Doodles and then color or leave black and white. I entered one in an Art Show. Not sure if I won anything. It's actually the one on my profile pic. 🙂

  4. Your videos always have such amazing information in them and I always love the recipes but it’s also presented in such a beautiful way. LOVE!!

  5. Silver Hiker says:

    Love you so much, Liv! You always give us such amazing recipes. And, your hair actually looks cute. Sunkissed. Your painting is so good! You are so talented! Great job!

  6. I remember when I found your channel I wasn’t vegan, and I chose to go vegan about a year ago but lately I’ve been struggling really bad. These videos are so great for getting back on track and I hope you never stop cause your recipes are seriously amazing! ♥️♥️

  7. Breona says:

    Love your videos !!!. Also just like you said as long as your trying. Becuase those little Changes make a diffrence. My mom just lost 20 pounds just from cutting soda out of her life. Yall just got to ignore the haters because people that eat out everyday…. for every meal…. And cant walk up steps, be looking at me crazy when the soy sauce Im adding to my home cooked lunch isn't low sodium 😂😂😂

  8. Angie Goude says:

    The food looks so good, Liv!! A way to use all of my veggies!! 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️❤️💕
    A healthy food means also a balanced diet with me to be honest!! Like, your body tells you what it needs and I have a problem with appetite. I don’t feel my appetite but I set myself a 6hr limit which means eating every 6hr and it basically means breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙏❤️ it helps me to keep a balanced diet and of course a lot of veggies and fruit!! 😍❤️
    Btw your recipe is so nice bc I love zesty food with pasta!! 😍

  9. Ur hair always looks great ❤️❤️

  10. Verenaa says:

    I love the hair Liv! 😛 <3

  11. Emily Poole says:

    your messy hair is me on a good hair day lol also another FAB video xx

  12. emily says:

    Are the regular wheat noodles vegan? I can never find ones without eggs!

  13. Loving these recipes, actually going to try both! ♥

  14. Before watching the video, looovvveed your lipstick❤️😭😭 can u tell me what is it 😅💗

  15. For me, healthy means being balanced. I mean, one day, I might eat a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, and then the next I'd eat a salad with honey mustard from scratch or Ceasar dressing. For the most part for breakfast I like either smoothies, Mini Wheats cereal or whole grain waffles topped with berries. That's my philosophy on health and cooking. I've been eating a ton of whole grains, turkey sandwiches, salads and smoothies throughout the day and I feel I am on a really good journey towards weight loss and I feel so much happier and I have so much more energy now because I listen to what my body desires

  16. Holly Speaks says:

    Can’t wait to try this!!! Ahhhh love how easy BUT SOOOOO DAYUM GOOD your recipes are!!

  17. Both meals look so mouth watering, I have all these ingredients in my kitchen right now! Gonna go whip one up thanks Liv and thanks for sharing the info on Skill Share 😁

  18. Jasmine Mas says:

    Please do more taste testing ❤️ these were quite fun!

  19. Nichole Haus says:

    I think healthy is customized to the person. Healthy is different for everybody based off their health, lifestyle and goal. I don’t think there’s just one type of healthy. Great video though 💕

  20. Indian soul says:

    Awesome recipe.. Fun fact: I already added quinoa pulav and curry noodles recipe in my channel but almond butter sauce sounds a really tasty idea. I make almond butter (2min recipe is at my channel) so this sauce will be in my menu soon.

  21. yeees 😩😩❤️ I love you!!! You are important ❤️

  22. that moment when your shirt matches your eyes

  23. Tracy Willis says:

    Super excited for Skillshare – that is such a great deal! 🙂

  24. Very pretty but the first recipe alone had like ten ingredients so I definitely wouldnt have called it easy. Walking all over my grocery store trying to try and find curry paste

  25. ''Today I'm doing a healthy vegan meals video'' I'm currently eating a bag of crisps and feel so bad about it xD

  26. Oha Brie says:

    Thank you! Time and time again ❤🙌

  27. Yum. The black sesame seeds make that quinoa bowl look so profesh 👌🏽 . I am like the healthiest eater ever but I just can’t be bothered to eat any grains. Sigh. What if intuitive eating prevents you from eating healthy foods?

  28. Love this video!! Great recipes

  29. Your hair is beautiful, don't apologize for it. Your videos are great, keep up, queen ! 😀

  30. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love your content

  31. Not vegan but I’m always here. xx.

  32. Now I'm hungry everything looked sooooo good!💓

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