5 Healthy Taco Recipes

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  1. I think people who are not from the us have a big disadvantage. We cant get crucial chipotle ingredients, peppers or sauce…. could you maybe share the alternatives with us?

  2. Sarai0512 V says:

    Where do u get those tortillas?

  3. Tina Walters says:

    Never thought about salmon tacos!! Gonna try this

  4. The chipotle chicken tacos is also called chicken tinga.

  5. msviv1983 says:

    I made the shrimp chili lime pineapple salsa tacos Omg tje flavor was insane!!!!!!! I can not yell you enough how good this recipe was!!!!!! Thank you😍😍😍

  6. Um I was looking for a love button

  7. I am Mexican which means Im a specialist about tacos obviouslyyy! And this recipes looks reallyyyy gooood omg makes me craaaaving them!

  8. I'm so taco Thursday now!! Love the beef one love how simple yet delicious her recipes are especially this one! Thanks Sarah xxx

  9. Thumbs up for all your videos and the future ones. You are amazing!

  10. Brwnbty 81 says:

    I'm a vegetarian but I can still make these without meat. Seriously I binge watch these videos. Can't get enough! I wish the domestic geek was my sister.

  11. Cassy Mutch says:

    I love this channel 😍😍😍😍

  12. david doe says:

    I love your videos

  13. You are just fantastic…love your channel😊😊😊😊👏👏👏👏

  14. Dude what tortillas are those because I can tell there goooood???please tell us!!

  15. omggggggggggg 😍😋 get in my belly

  16. 😍👍🏼❤️💛💚💙💜💖
    Awesome 🌺🌹thanks 🌈

  17. Rink456 says:

    About how many tacos can you make with this amount? Loved the video!

  18. Chop Happy says:

    OMG, these tacos look amazing!!!

  19. What can use to season the shrimp tacos instead of chilli?

  20. Hannah Plas says:

    I love the way you say "classic"😂 it sounds so classy
    (See what I did there) no, but I actually meant that – you say it in a really unique way, It almost sounds a little bit British ☺️

  21. I am so addicted to tacos. Trying this recipe out soon!

  22. made the chipotle chicken tonight to get rid of leftover chicken. it was fabulous!!!!! I'd love to see more ideas of what to do with precooked chicken (i.e. that was meal prepped earlier in the week). plus, i actually had guests over…so technically i served them leftovers. 🙃 I also made your easy steak fajitas and black bean salsa and @mindovermunch 's veggie packed guac. home run meal!

  23. I absolutely ❤ your channel and recipes! 😍😍😍

  24. Jin J says:

    Ha! I thought you had something against tacos! Glad I was wrong 😀

  25. All of these 🌮are 🔥🔥🔥🔥lit

  26. More taco videos please 😁🌮

  27. Could you share some more sangria recipes please!!

  28. I love the vegan love you are giving us!

  29. Jeff Ward says:

    till their no longer pink

  30. love ur style n easy recipes
    I live in South Africa .can I use ordinary green peppers in stead of chipotles n poblano?
    n normal mushrooms —for Portobello ones. ? Will it change the taste?
    ThAnk you . God bless for sharing

  31. I love the shrimp taco idea but is there another way to season it besides lime or lemon? my family is unable to eat citrus

  32. Megan Haas says:

    I made the chipotle chicken tacos for my family, and we all loved them! They were sooo good

  33. Thank you so much for your AMAZING recipes!! I just made your shrimp taco with the pineapple salsa for Iftar today!! And it was DELICIOUS!! Especially the pineapple salsa!! I couldn't get enough of it!!

  34. Gabby xoxo says:

    Love your work and food ideas! This tacos are a MUST TRY!!! They all look so delicious!!!!

  35. the vegan portobello tacos look amazing!

  36. Xavier Reyes says:

    I LOVE SPICY TACOS!!! I put some salt on them. If i want to get crazy i bring out the ketchup.

  37. belizeguy says:

    I have a small suggestion.  I work with shrimp a lot!  Grew up on the coast of NC and used to go help out at the docks when the boats came in for reduced or free shrimp.  High heat, and cook less yields a much better tasting shrimp.  I cook most shrimp no more than a minute to make them perfect.  Oh, and yes, I have checked internal temperatures and they are safe as well.  Shrimp cooked like this are never rubbery.  These recipes are amazing and I can not wait to try then ALL!   Thanks again.

  38. Go Away Gina says:

    You should do a collaboration with Chief John for Food Wishes.. You both look your puns…

  39. Uhhhh love tacos, thanks for this receipt 💛💛👍😁😁😁

  40. Ahmad Syahid says:

    Just staring at those eyes and dgaf bout em tacos

  41. please more tacos ideas and a big thanks for these ones!

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