Weekday Vlog / Dinner Party @ home / What I served for dinner

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23 Responses

  1. You are really amazing.

  2. Samridz1982 says:

    So hard work dear 😢😢

  3. sabna p says:

    what hppnd to ur last video???
    its missing…. 50k subscribers celebration…..!!!? ????

  4. Abi Abarna says:

    Ur videos never get bored….really ur videos r vry intresting….post more videos

  5. Masha Allah superb sisi

  6. Salaams sis..

    Did you have dinner yourself?

  7. jaanu jaanu says:

    ഫുഡ്‌ processor illa… മിക്സിയിൽ pattumoo

  8. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 you are a super woman ..

  9. Really love u dear..waiting for ur vdos

  10. Sara Khan says:

    I love your vedios

  11. I love watching your videos I have made some of these and they are really tasty 😋 and got appreciations from every one 😘thank u mam for the videos you make ❤️lots of love from India 😘

  12. Roshan Begum says:

    Assalamu alaikkum warahmathulillahi wabarakatuhu…..how to manage Ur whole day …and when u do Ur prayer ….still Ur prayer time s not showing y??u DNT show Ur prayer…that's not to me… but u telling like tht time n Ur this full day …it's my thoughts y u DNT tell like that ….but Ur video is awesome sissy …. Masha Allah…… when u free mean reply me sisyy … Jazakallah khairun

  13. Good Vlog….I wish I have a sister like you.

  14. I'm not really in to cooking. But watching your videos I get interest to cook. Loads of love from Colombo Sri Lanka

  15. Ethaaa. Ingal oru sambhavamaanu. Lots of respect and love to you ❤️😘

  16. I love ur videos itha… Sherikkum.. My name is riyana fathima from muscat.. Pls do give ur number to talk to u.. I just want to shout and tell ur the best you tuber i have ever seen.. Such an inspiration

  17. I know am addicted to ur video.. I will be eagerly waiting for ur videos. No matter how lengthy the video is.. If its lengthy video there will be smile in my face

  18. Itha ur really grt.. Ur my inspiration.. I just love ur style of working and cooking and managing ur day… Pls give ur number i really want to talk to u

  19. Great effort dear
    Hats off 🤝👌👌
    Lots of regards from Dubai

  20. Eloo mam,vedios kandit engineyaa onn contact cheyyaaa

  21. Sachu Nishad says:

    Hi shamsi ഇത്താ.. പിന്നെയും പിന്നെയും പറയാതെ വയ്യ.. you are amazing sis.. really a wonderful women.. Love you sis..

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