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  1. More content like this please! Already do the roster chickpeas but defo trying that tomato toast!!!

  2. e.topp says:

    hey immy 🙂 could you maybe do a video about recipes that have minimal baking required? like snacks for the summer when it’s hot so that you don’t need to use the oven?

  3. Omg, this all looks so yummy, I can't wait to try out all of the recipes!!!

  4. Nice video! Lovely inspiration to my own recipes and videos as well 🙂

  5. Sylvie White says:

    Your hair is looking so beautiful!

  6. Love this video! Very artistic!

  7. Celimene says:

    Perfect also to bring to parties!

  8. Phitzee says:

    SNACK HEAVEN… 😋 And I know… random comment, so YOOO vegan fam and random person scrolling through the comment section! xD I hope you're doing well. Im too am extremely passionate about spreading the message and inspiring people to better their life through a healthy, plant based and natural way of living + eating! If it interests you then be sure have a look and know I value your time, and if it doesn't, then have a great day anyways! Ciao 💛

  9. Your recipe videos are the best I have found on here! They are feasible, inexpensive and I’ve already tried three of them today! Your content in general is wonderful and I love your message and intent. I’d love to see more recipe videos! Much love. ❤️

  10. Great video, very informative. In Asia the waste situation is so bad. We're trying hard to convince people at Zero Waste Saigon

  11. We love the recipes.The chickpeas look delicious. we're going to have to try them. love your glasses .

  12. Eleni Cassar says:

    Loved this video so much! Am really looking forward to seeing more seasonal recipe videos 🙂 I find your content super helpful and inspiring, keep up the awesome work! xx

  13. Nikki Neal says:

    My husband and I have been vegan for years but we are interested in low waste minimalism now. Your videos have been very valuable! ♥️

  14. Hi Immy, amazing video:) a little tip: reap basil leaves with your hands instead of cutting them with a knife, the metal blade changes the taste of it! 😉

  15. So Yummy!
    Thank you
    Are the chickpeas cooked before going into the oven?

  16. Chanah Minuk says:

    For the tomato toast, you can step it up a bit, and cut one clove a garlic in half, and rub the halves on the toast. (This will grate the garlic right into the toast.) Then brush some olive oil on the toast, and then top with the tomato mixture.

  17. If you were to make an ebook (or book !) with recipes I would 100% buy it !

  18. Lotti says:

    Looks so good! Thank you for sharing. Can you tell me what blender you are using? 🙂

  19. meg simmons says:

    love your recipes videos. these snack suggestions are great. thanks for all the work you put into these videos.
    they are a delight to watch.

  20. SakuraR17 says:

    I've been following for q few months now,the sustainable&low impact journey has been difficult since I live in a particularly industrialized city I live at,but yesterday at a Veggie Fest I found a place called Sustainable green and saw all this amazing equipment to get me started! And now, seeing your cooking videos I have to say you are such a strong inspiration to me, I am so happy I found your channel and are more than pleased with all the work you put on,please DO NOT STOP! Also,quick question: what's the soundtrack you used? I fall in love with the music as soon as I listen

  21. Love your style of showing the creation of the recipe with super cool music and captioning 🙂  Very retro, stylish and professional!

  22. I seriously think that there's not anything I enjoy as much as vegan food ♥

  23. Ayme Ahrens says:

    These all look great! The tomatoes are especially beautiful 🙂 have you tried this? It's a new favorite at our house, and all ingredients can be purchased package free http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/cheezy-popcorn-vegan-320344?ftab=reviews

  24. These all look yummy and super quick to make. Thank you 🙂 Can you tell me what temperature you bake your chickpeas at?

  25. When you say to bake the chick peas, wich temperature is the best ? 😊 btw really cool video ❤️

  26. Thank you for the new idea plant based foods

  27. K C says:

    Thank you for the bliss balls recipe- I will definitely be making that one for my lunches for work. Working on incorporating more plant based alternatives for a long time now, but my workplace is nut free!!! Always looking snacks/lunches that I can meal prep. Thanks again for a great video!

  28. VeganLeaa says:

    That guacamole and sweet potato chip dish looks freaking divine.

  29. Really enjoyed this video, I do have to ask – do you make your own bread? Which bread do you use if you don't make it? 😂

  30. This video was bloody perfect 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  31. namastemblem says:

    Your videos lately have been👌🏻 loving all the recipe videos! Also you look absolutely stunning in those glasses 🤓💕

  32. Isabella M. says:

    I loved the snacks ! Nice job 🙂

  33. Hailey bakes says:

    Everything looks delicious 😋 btw I love your thumb nail

  34. That was divine. Thank you 🙂

  35. Lianne says:

    Love these! Going to try the chickpeas now x

  36. Gwen Roireau says:

    Any substitute for the sorrel in the green powerhouse? Sounds great but don't know where I could get sorrel. Thanks for the videos!!!

  37. anna 07 says:

    Hey the second snack is typical of my area in Italy ahahaha. It's called Bruschetta, we use rocket instead of basil and serve it as an appetizer in restaurants 😂😉

  38. So it's not necessary to remove the "skin" that is on the chickpeas before roasting them? Great! I didn't know so i would always remove it just in case (but it took me so much time!)

  39. wow. i always loved the style (and content of course!) of your videos, but lately you have really stepped up your editing. i want to try all of these recipes now! keep on working so hard- the outcome is amazing and you are really inspiring me.

  40. S D says:

    great recipes! do the chickpeas have to be soaked beforehand, or do you just roast them straight away?

  41. scary muffin says:

    these are great!im not a vegan but i do loveee me a vegan day from time to time.love your channel!

  42. Lizzy Orr says:

    How was the advert before this video KFC 😩😂 the irony

  43. Xenia Hoff says:

    Uuuh, cannot wait till next months money to buy the ingredients for green powerhouse!!! This looked so delish!!!

  44. Marta Paź says:

    Hey! I just wanna say that I really love your videos! Keep going, couse it's such a great energy and you make me think more about my impact on enviorment (and probably not only mine)! Thank you! 😉

  45. Lauren Pring says:

    Love the recipe videos, any sweet things you make would be lovelyx

  46. paola a. says:

    it’s 4:45 am and i can’t sleep, thank god you uploaded

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