The Ultimate Funfetti Cake

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44 Responses

  1. SkullDeluxe says:

    This is really 'the ultimate funfetti cake'! 😉

  2. Need to send this to mike the situation because he loves fking funfetti lol

  3. Does anyone know what the quantities would be for uk measurements? This cake looks so tasty 😛

  4. Yummy u are great 😙

  5. I love your Ultimate series

  6. Dratini says:

    Ultimate diabetes.

  7. It's my birthday , can I get 12 likes ?

  8. Is it weird I could almost actually taste and smell the cake

  9. Kamu orang mana😕😕😕

  10. God of Fiji says:

    Its my birthday today

  11. Who has tried this? Please tell me if its actually good

  12. Cake looks adorable. One slice of that cake and can give a serious rush. Yum😋.

  13. Batman says:

    a little late for cAPTAIN AMERICA's BIRTHDAY GUYS GOSH

  14. Ana Coelho says:

    Butter and oil?!?…..😯


  16. So much milk. So much pain…

  17. Whenever a recipe says "alternate the milk and flour mixtures", I'm just like whatever, and dump all of both of them in. Anyone else?

  18. Agusława G says:

    How do you keep sprinkles from bleeding colour? My dough looks like rainbow vomit after two moves of a mixing spoon.

  19. HaDiYa TaHir says:

    Same recepie of channel how to cake it

  20. Can you do a ultimate red velvet cake please, thank you

  21. Tasty, will you please start using some cake strips? The outside shouldn't have gotten that dark. Also, make your own and market that shit, because I don't wanna buy Wilton…

  22. Sarah BM says:

    I’m drooling 🤤

  23. What I've been waiting for for years

  24. Everybody ask David to try this just coz of the cream cheese

  25. Poppy C says:

    Every time I have tried to make a funfetti cake the sprinkles dissolved or loose their colour and melt into the cake batter. Any tips to stop this??

  26. Aaah perfect seen when they posted this it was my birthday

  27. Hana Osama says:

    thats so YUMMY it looks so cool

  28. the taste of diabetes

  29. Sarah Pisani says:

    When I do this the sprinkles always melt and it doesn't turnout colourful. Is there anything which I can do so that they don't melt?

  30. Tasty i like or food

  31. Kassy Marie says:

    Me: grabs a box of cake mix from publix. Still tasty lmao

  32. Eva A-A says:

    4 eggs plus 4 egg yolks seems like a lot of eggs for a 3 layer cake. Was there a reason for this?

  33. Thanks diet for bringing me here -__-

  34. Ms. whY says:

    It looks so yummy

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