How To Make Steamed Vegetable | Healthy Recipes | Shipra Khanna

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31 Responses

  1. vijay kundu says:

    beautiful chef😘😘

  2. Akash Kumar says:

    U r the most beautiful shef 😍

  3. Andrea Zava says:

    whatever you were speaking was killing me.

  4. # Snowbird says:

    Shredded carrots to steamπŸ™ˆ

  5. Uska kya karna soya sauce ki chatni type jo bnaya tha

  6. Muhit biswas says:

    wow..very beautiful you.

  7. Terry Ingle says:

    could you please post your sauce recipe please

  8. KwniStewart says:

    I'm so confused, is she speaking english the whole time??

  9. deepak das says:

    Wonderful ma'am …I need more steamed vegetables recipes.

  10. Anwar Farooq says:

    Hum log Kahan se lyen bamboo basket jo cheez easy multi hai uska batana chaye

  11. Wouter Scott says:

    I love your accent!!

  12. Ashu Verma says:

    Can we cook this in food steamer?

  13. zameer ahmed says:

    where i get this basket

  14. amulu t says:

    What about salt??

  15. Rohan Sharma says:

    Can idli cooker replace the bambo basket?

  16. gagan says:

    awesome, Shipra,, I was looking for some interesting diet food.. I don't think it can get better than this

  17. Gautam Ji says:

    Aap ka video acha hai, but background music jaan lewa hai

  18. Gautam Ji says:

    Wah.. bahut acha lag raha hai. Lekin ye baas ki tokri kaha se milegi ??

  19. ankit basa says:

    you r so beautiful

  20. you are so beautiful chef😊

  21. Asha Keyal says:

    Hi, do we put that liquid you make on steamed vegitables and serve?

  22. bailiwick says:

    very nice receipe….

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