Spanish Omelette Recipe – Breakfast or Snack Recipe

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  1. Rekha Kakkar says:

    Hi Everyone! I am in the process of rebranding my channel and bring you new types of recipes. Please let me know in comments below what kind of recipes would you like to see and cook. It will be a great help to me in recipe selection. Thanks in advance!💞

  2. It's recipe for bechular…..😎😁😋🤗

  3. Samraan Ani says:

    Wow amazing iwent make pizza please learn it

  4. Kuldeep Hire says:

    Good morning , rekha kakar, I love recepee, I give a tips for Eggs Amlets , 9762500943, only call only one time , nice take recepee & make formula , then after making a dish , I live a Nashik , I have help no for credit only share for aida !

  5. Uma Devi says:

    Is this not tortilla ?

  6. Zara Shaikh says:

    I liked ur serving dish😅😅😘

  7. Bushra Bi says:

    So yammi test 👌👌👌👌👌

  8. Narine Bipat says:

    Need more English 😧

  9. Maliha Khan says:

    vry quick n easy recipe

  10. I like your all recipe mamm

  11. Lokesh Kumar says:

    These recipe is amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Can we use musturd oil ?

  13. Saaji Rehman says:

    wahooo yeh sis bhe bnati omlate

  14. Padma kumar says:

    Very very nice madam g…..

  15. Ye ache se pala hua ni hta andr se thora thora kacha hota h

  16. Laxmi Bhatia says:

    NC fodd and so taste

  17. simple mallu says:

    can we use another oil instead of olive

  18. Olive oil ke alawa refined soya oil use kar sakte hai

  19. Wow it's so easy and delicious, I tried it and it was so yummy 😋

  20. Mr Black says:

    Yar Pakistani allo Andy ki burji hy jis ko amlate bnya hy

  21. jamal mohd says:

    Kaali mirchi gi jagah lal mirch use karsakte hai kya..

  22. Arm Eric says:

    Do you speak Spanish? 🤔🌱

  23. Kamal Kumar says:

    Very easy and lazij recipe,

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