What’s for Dinner June 22nd to 28th || A week of Family Dinners

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  1. Yummy meals Taylor! We love fajitas, and basically any kind of Tex-Mex food! We also love and use that Uncle Ben's flavor infusion spanish rice, it works great for one or two or four people, because you can portion it out, very happy with that product. I haven't had tuna casserole in ages, yours looks so good and comforting! I haven't tried those Kroger meats yet, but we had one of the pork chop ones and it was really good! Happy Belated Birthday!!! 🙂 You might have saved the best for last, that chicken and squash parmesan crusted dish over the couscous looks soooo good! Now, I'm officially hungry! Thanks so much for sharing, and have a wonderful and blessed day! —-Stacy 😍❤

  2. That Santa Maria pork that you found on markdown, was it with the lunch meats, or the regular fresh meats? I'm hoping to find some at my Kroger store. All the seasonings sound good.

  3. Yummmm the fajitas looked delicious! I'm guessing it would be very easy to fix this recipe for just two servings. I am going to have to make some soon 😊

  4. JANET & ERIC says:

    Your dinners get me EVERY TIME! Love fajitas! Love using left overs for meals the next day 🙂 Everything looks great, as always!

  5. Happy birthday everything looked great

  6. Your meals look yummy. Happy belated birthday! I don’t often shop at Kroger but I need to go to look for those pork roasts. TFS!

  7. 6inthemix says:

    This all looked so yummy!! Thanks for helping me with my meal planning this week, I was stumped and needed new ideas lol.

  8. I love your videos! Always rewatch when I’m meal planning!

  9. Everything looked great! Happy late birthday! 💕

  10. Walker FamX6 says:

    Happy belated birthday Tay! Yummy dinners as always!

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