Portable Breakfasts

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32 Responses

  1. LPS Giggles says:

    Thumbnail made me drool

  2. hello! ! says:

    I have those small microwave Jimmy dean sausage and egg muffin sandwiches

  3. Szejt Anik says:

    Kocher salt XDDDDDDD

  4. If I can spend so much time to prepare that waffle sandwich…(beating eggs, defrosting sausage, defrosting and toasting waffles) then I will spare couple of minutes more to gulp it hot and crisp… That's for sure…😀

  5. "Thats really cool!"

    Me: Stick with tupperwares. . .

  6. first one looks like cross contamination, they did not specify that you should use a new lid, otherwise you have raw eggs all over your warm omelette for half a day, this is like laying out a red carpet for salmonella, please be a bit more careful in your food preparation, a lot of people do not know how to cook with proper kitchen hygiene and this sets them up to get sick.

  7. 4ever says:

    music here is nice

  8. Bilal says:

    Eggs in the microwave!? 🤢

  9. The second one …😋😋😋

  10. Your recipe are always amazing👌👌👌👌👌

  11. -Kaneki says:

    Cooking eggs on the stove literally doesnt take that long, who tf would eat a nasty soggy microwaved egg

  12. When she blends the chocolate PB Cookie Smoothie
    Its so satisfying

  13. Do one on portable lunches !

  14. Tasty producers haven't done actually work for so long, they think 2:54 is what people do at an office.

  15. Microwave eggs? BARRRFFFFFFF 🤢🤮

  16. Maria Luisa says:

    can't they just… put it in a container or something

  17. TASTY CHALLENGE – make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust

  18. Here before Justin Y…..*oh wait* hahah

  19. 0:59 oh helll nawwwww ion need no nothing stinkin my work like dat lol

  20. Z2 says:

    Egg in microwave never was a good choice :[

  21. Cool ideas just not into microwaving my foods.

  22. Always great recipes!!! 🙂

  23. Dayvideo says:

    Sandwich and pie looks like a banger

  24. YANELI A says:

    Girl adios 👋 I’ve been making that Eggo waffle breakfast sandwich for years. No credit from me I see 🤔😂

  25. King CC says:

    I like how all these recipes can be done in a microwave

  26. where my green eggs and ham damn it

  27. I was wondering if y’all have a recipe for mango habanero grill chicken

  28. Amna 12345 says:

    If you have a golden button so share it with is

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