My top 5 simple HEALTH HACKS to use DAILY + healthy PALEO|VG recipes

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  1. What I eat in a day videos 😁😁

  2. love this! being the creative person you are – an ugly location photo shoot video would be so funny/good/creative!!!

  3. Paris G says:

    y do u always do that fucking weird face thing were you squish it up when u talk? like wtf?….

  4. you should start a podcast

  5. What are the lip colors you're wearing in this video!! Also yes paleo vegan diet video 🙂


  7. Emily Turner says:

    Can you share all the hacks you have???!!! No need to limit them to 5! We love hearing your videos!! 🙂 xo

  8. I loveeeee these long videos!!!! Especially the What I Eat In A Day/Vlogstyle/Tip-Videos <3

  9. Ashlea Paige says:

    Did you check gumtree for a second hand blender? it might be cheaper on there! 😀

  10. Big fan of tip number 4, and your extensive collection of gorgeous glasses!

  11. Ben Runner says:

    That’s cool. Juice plus has worked well for me!!

  12. Yessss ✨✨✨💖 you look amazing and you’re so inspiring!

  13. Whoa girl I loving you more and more with every video! Let’s me international bffs puhlease!

  14. There’s $300 vitamix at costco

  15. There’s $300 vitamix at costco

  16. Bex Darl says:

    You are just such a hun.

  17. I love how long your videos are!

  18. Nienke Aaf says:

    Hey Christie, I would love it if you make more what I eat in a day video's but then paleo based . I'M exactly in the same position as you were when you came back from bali. I'm travelling for two weeks with a friend so we eat a lot out and I don't eat as healthy as I want because she doesn't like the same food as I do. So now my stomach hurts so bad and it's really swolen, I think I maybe also have Ibs because I suffer a lot from these synphtoms for a long time now . Youre videos help me a lot and when I get home in a few days I'm gonna try if a paleo dieet helps me too, so any food sugestions would be great. So thank you so much for making these great video's!

  19. Be careful cuz u can break ur nutribullet if u take it off right away when the blade is still making noise so after u blend u should wait then lift it up

  20. Hi Chris! You’re amazing I love you 💗 and i have a little thing that I wanted to ask you… do you think you could do like a little talk about self love and acceptance for us? I would love to hear how do you deal with this things please!

  21. Be careful cuz u can break ur nutribullet if u take it off right away when the blade is still making noise so after u blend u should wait then lift it up

  22. Cari Anne says:

    FULL DAYS OF EATING ARE MY FAVS! your videos just speak to me in general, but i love when you go off on your rants or updates and its crazy to see how eating out made you bloat and feel uncomfortable to eating at home how fast you can bounce back. love ya girl xoxo

  23. jenna merony says:

    I would love to see more what I eat in a day videos, I am currently trying to figure out what is up with my gut, it may be a cast of IBS but I am unsure and seeing what you do to help your gut has really helped me find some things that help my gut 🙂

  24. loooove long videos, I love your videos so muchhhhh

  25. Molly Dadlez says:

    Christie! Thank you for always being so sincere and authentic in your videos. I have recently been trying to cut down on the media I consume recently for mental health, but I'd never stop watching you! You are a so good at leading by example and staying true to your base over self-promotion as you see so often on youtube and instagram these days. Your thoughts on balance and letting go of fear-based rules really resonated with me. Thank you!
    Stay lovely, xoxo

  26. Emma Lev says:

    I need to make those bars omg omg omg

  27. great video! would love to see a "what i eat in a day" of your new diet!

  28. Just wondering where you got the containers and mesh bags in your fridge? :)xx

  29. Christie: I need to pee really badly!!
    Places camera upstairs, goes back down stairs, films montage of her carrying nutribullet upstairs, places camera near bathroom, moves out of frame, and finally runs to bathroom

  30. My mouth is watering and I haven’t even ate breakfast😩

  31. LexizTV says:

    I am diabetic and I am so confused with all the diets on the internet. I am so confused about what to eat. Can you provide some guidance please… What would you eat if you were diabetic to lose weight and be healthy?

  32. Dammnnnn Cee 😍🙌🏼

  33. Krissy Hopp says:

    Invest in a Vitamix!!! I promise you will not regret it!!

  34. Elia Sch says:

    Another WHat I eat in a day 🙋‍♀️


  36. Judi珠珠 says:

    aww you're so inspiring & motivating 😍😍😍

  37. I've been pegan for two months now and loving it! It totally works for me too. I was vegan before but felt like eating grains did cause problems with my skin and digestion so I cut them out and luckily I did that 😊

  38. If you don't have time to soak the cashews, try boiling them for like 10 mins. Works the same and it's a lot quicker 👌🏻

  39. Elia Sch says:

    Omg I love your videos so much, like so so much ❤️

  40. You should so buy the vitamix trust me it is so worth!! Pro tip wait till the boxing day sales and buy it than that's when I brought my last year and I saved like over $250 and I got the smaller one the I think the one you were looking at buying it isn't as powerful as the bigger ones but it definitely does the job I brought so I could make smoothie bowls and nice cream and stuff like that and it is great for that. Plus it is quite a bit cheaper than the bigger ones so that is a bonus!! If you do end up buying you will not regret it trust me I had wanted one for a long time before I mine and I am so glad I was finally able to buy one and I use it all the time and I recon if it ever breaks to the point of not being able to fix it I will invest in another vitamix cause I could never go back to using a regular old blender after using a vitamix cause it is just that good they are amazing!!! Also I love your videos they are so great you give really good advice and you are really entertaining and really pretty!!

  41. sofia pl says:

    More WIEIAD !!!!!

  42. LOVE your recipes! definitely gonna try the creamy pasta sauce!

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