COOKING WITH DOCTOR MIKE! | Healthy Chicken Recipe | Meal Subscription

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22 Responses

  1. LMAO doctor mike, that's allot of salt😂😂😂

  2. sanvers 21 says:

    How do I know which nutricions are in food without ordering the box?

  3. Amoula A says:

    You're so cool! Love ya! <3

  4. Diksha says:

    Please more meal prep videos, i loved it A LOT! A good looking doctor serving some healthy dish out there – a must watch.
    And regarding the wishes for the kind of videos we are hoping for: could you make a video about protein drinks and workouts? answering questions like when to drink one, before or after a workout, what KINDS of protein powder should be consumed to get the best possible results and what negative and positive effects it may have on our body if someone has too much or too little of it – would love it if you could cover it^^

  5. Lee says:

    "it's hot"
    Welcome to the world of cast iron. lol

  6. Definitely cooking your own meals at home is better 👍🏻👍🏻 you know what you’re eating and Blue Apron is a great tool since everything is portioned, I used to eat out all the time and now I’d rather cook at home, great video

  7. Doc…pls be carefull when using the knife..🙄

  8. You don't want none of these transexual fats

  9. What if the pans were extra small, small, medium, large. or medium, large, extra large, extra extra large. then you have the wrong pan XD

  10. kurea13angel says:

    Omg…. it would be so fun to watch you cook.. oke… maybe cook with you would be more fun 😅

    Also it does look tasty… makes me hungry

  11. I swear if you don't see this comment I'm gonna fly to New York City just to eat you•~•Lol just kidding hugs from Winnipeg Manitoba.

  12. You won me with that tahini sauce! 😍

  13. Who films your videos?

  14. Shuumi says:

    I am starting to work and I will rarely eat at home because of the art of my job. What should I check or look for when choosing what and where to eat.

  15. Aly G says:

    Those meal delivery thing seem nice for people who want to cook but not shop. My problem is that…
    On the box it said sustainable.
    And everything inside comes. Wrapped in plastic.

  16. Shuumi says:

    I persume Mike never handled a hot patient.

  17. Hey doc i tried ur recipe……good…..I am a great chef…..I cook all kinds of food…..mostly I cook Indian food…..they r dam healthy & nutritious….I want u to try chicken tikka an inadian dish….pls do try

  18. Hi Doctor Mike, your videos are awesome. I have heard that antiperspirant causes cancer, is it true?

  19. Stacy Phipps says:

    I travel every week as part of my job. The problem of "not knowing what is in your food when you eat out" is very common for me or not having time to eat when rushing from plane to plane. What are healthy travel eats suggestions that are either TSA friendly for staying healthy?

  20. Dilla Safira says:

    You definitely look like Gabriel Conte the more i look at you. Even voice too!

  21. Finn Edwards says:

    Safety tip: when putting something in a hot oiled pan, lay it away from you to avoid being burnt by the oil 😊

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