My Chinese Recipes Fish Stew! Healthy and Easy!

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23 Responses

  1. Salt to dala hi nahi………..

  2. Jeremy Ksor says:

    Look tasty sis ….

  3. AIS 1976 says:

    I cooked this without the alcohol , egg and sugar and it was very yummy . I don't think you need these things

  4. yes I will try this fish stew for a.change .m

  5. I like your videos very much

  6. what kind of vinegar need to be used

  7. 智安shaun says:

    I would love to learn Chinese cooking but too bad mom turned vegan….

  8. Key Ng says:

    Please dont use metal utensils on non stick, but great dish

  9. The web page isnt available anymore

  10. Che Serna says:

    Nice looking girl and a great cook!

  11. I will try this tonight.thanks

  12. Anu Yonghang says:

    Wow I’m gonna try this on my dayoff 😋😋

  13. This not a stew. Find the right name please.

  14. The electric salt and pepper grinders are the best. Yes I have them as well. LOL

  15. Kim Yap says:

    Sorry but your fish is overcooked with 20 mins simmering

  16. Nice upload! Thanks

  17. Kathy Tan says:

    whatever! lol
    thanks recipe!

  18. raquel singh says:

    I cooked this, minus the sugar. It tastes great! Thanks for sharing.

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