Lazy & Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas!

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  1. aah bilderbuch wie geil 🙂 gute musik hast du da!

  2. lilo3 says:

    Wo gibt es nutritional yeast in Deutschland zu kaufen?

  3. Alina K. says:

    Was ist nutritional yeast?

  4. Thanks for all of the food ideas, all of it looks amazing.😍

  5. Lilith says:

    How long can you store the cashew cream in the fridge for? 🤗

  6. Das sieht wie immer alles super lecker aus! ☺️ Aber mal ehrlich, was ist denn daran „lazy“? 🙄 Für noch bedeutet das, Nudeln zu kochen, ein halbes Glas Tomaten Sauce drüber zu schütten und dann noch ein paar Kidneybohnen dazuzugeben 😅

  7. Taylor Renae says:

    YES to the live streams!! A “cooking with me” would be amazing!!

  8. Gwendoline F says:

    Wo findest du die “nutritional yeast“?
    Ich wohne in der Schweiz und habs noch nirgendwo gesehen 🙁

    PS: deine Rezepte sind genial

  9. Welche hefeflocken benutzt du? Da gibt es anscheinend große Unterschiede im Geschmack 😊

  10. Vegan Versus says:

    Im all about the lazy meals. Love the content! Keep it up!

  11. Nellie Lesa says:

    definitely going to try some of these. my go to lazy vegan meal: cooked pasta, hummus and chopped cherry tomatoes

  12. Chnae Alisha says:

    These recipes would be great for days that I work late! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. lilkim says:

    Arugula + ripe juicy honey melon!!! Thank me later

  14. Aleks says:

    The last recipe is a recipe for digestive issues fermentation and in general we shouldnt really combine fats with sugar. Neverthless, I love your videos <3

  15. Sabrina Mo says:

    – Bilderbuch als Intro
    Ich: ok das gibt direkt ein like hahahah<3

  16. I like it but it not easy it take loth time

  17. Fallon Moore says:

    Whoa! The sweet potato hummus looks so good?

  18. Lilly says:

    Oh da werd ich definitiv was davon nachmachen 😍

  19. Kirthi H says:

    I know the watermelon and avocado salad is simple, but it looks so good. I hate salads, but maybe this is a good place to start?

  20. For more laziness: put the sweetpotato in the Microwave: 5 min on the one and 5 min on the other side. Way faster 😊💗

  21. Amazing recipes once again! So much inspiration to my own meals and videos 😊❤️

  22. frozenfrony says:

    love the music in the beginning😉

  23. Paula Frank says:

    I looooove watermelon salad! the first time my mom came up with the recipe some years ago I was like umm na that sounds weird bit it has gotten my favorite food in summer! I love adding some black Olives and Mint as well

  24. This video is so nice looking! Great editing and delicious recipes 😀

  25. That watermelon salad😍😍😋😋

  26. need to try that watermelon salad… I’ll have to wait for summer though

  27. Mezasu says:

    3:28 that's a huge shallot
    red onion would be a different flavor (and more purple in color)

  28. Michelle K says:

    Love your recipes 😃

  29. lera bright says:

    LOVED THIS VIDEO! thank you so much for sharing! x

  30. Wooo perfect recipes for these lazy summer days~~

  31. direkt gelikt, als ich gehört hab das im intro bilderbuch läuft. i like that! wörtlich haha. das video ist abgesehen davon wie immer mega!

  32. Nabiha Syed says:

    Does anyone else just look at the thumbnail and think it’s a LivB video? Then you click on the vid and you’re like oh never mind

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