Healthy Mango Smoothie Recipe (Trust me it’s delicious)

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26 Responses

  1. How are you using green smoothies and plant-based meals to fuel your passion?

  2. Linda EICK says:

    Live the frozen mango tip, thanks

  3. Love your smothies. Definitly going to try this one.😊😋

  4. Jocelyn A says:

    I like to use almond milk sometimes in my smoothies for days I know I need an extra protein boost!

  5. Thanks for another great recipe!

  6. Joyce Moy says:

    Yummy! Thanks for the reminder to get it all smooth instead of adding it all in at once for those of us with standard blenders.

  7. Lucas Riley says:

    I often fly by the seat of my pants when making my smoothies using whatever I have around as ingredients and the one I whipped up today was almost this exactly, and it was indeed delicious!

  8. Ran downstairs to mix this puppy, super yummy! Thanks, lady!

  9. Jessie Miles says:

    This smoothie looks so good! I'm excited to try it. I love coconut water – nothing hydrates me better! If I'm feeling spicy, I might sprinkle in some cinnamon and/or cayenne pepper with this smoothie. 💚

  10. I love mango so this sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

  11. I really enjoy your green smoothie recipes…quick, easy, healthy and a one of my favorite additions to my morning routine.

  12. Kelley Ellis says:

    Smoothies are the best way to get your veggies in for the day.  I like to use the tropical blend frozen fruit from Costco. It is a combination of Mango, Pineapple, and Peaches.  I also like to add ice to make it really cold and thicker.

  13. First time watching your YouTube channel! Love this smoothie recipe and have a stash of your other recipes! Thank you for promoting green goodness!

  14. Anne DeArmon says:

    I have been making smoothies for my breakfast every day since I did the 7 day challenge.  Amazingly enough it keeps my blood sugar (hypoglycemic) level until I am ready for a mid morning snack.  Keep the smoothies coming.

  15. I really do enjoy making and having green smoothies on a regular basis. I have gotten my partner into them and now we're both excited to try different kinds of recipes that have veggies that we otherwise probably would not have tried. It's funny how you have to convince adults to have fruits and veggies. Soon I plan to try to get my sisters and nephews into them too! 🙂

  16. Always coming up with new ideas👍❤️! Can’t wait to try this one. Looks delicious.

  17. Julie Deeley says:

    These recipes are absolutely amazing. I have bought the book I really recommend it. It has some great recipes. It has really changed how I eat. Keep up the good work

  18. Green smoothies ROCK! I've been making them daily for breakfast for years, thanks to Jen and Jadah!

  19. Brit B says:

    I love this! And I have All of the ingredients already at home. I'll try this for dinner tonight and will add a little turmeric. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Really nice .. and having the coconut water must add a really nice taste 🙂 WIll try soon. Thanks

  21. This looks amazing! I love the mango!

  22. I recently splurged on a Vitamix and it has made making the green smoothies just a breeze! I love the mango recipe for summer!

  23. Oo I can’t wait to make this! I am so advocate about health especially having a gluten intoelerance! These are amazing to get all my nutrients

  24. Ann Casebolt says:

    I freeze the greens and fruit to make a super cool smoothie treat on hot afternoons. Nutri bullet works great

  25. Great recipe! I don't usually use oranges, but this has encouraged me to add a new fruit to my rotation! I also loved the reminder of how to get rid of the spinach chunks. 🙂 I sometimes have a little chewing to do as I drink my smoothie! lol. Thanks! Keep em coming!! 🙂

  26. Simply Afton says:

    I love green smoothies. They keep me full and I'm getting my veggies and fruits. When I make my smoothies I use frozen fruit when I can because I notice that ice can water down a smoothie and frozen fruit keeps it cold.

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