Quick Anytime Meal Recipe in 10 minutes | Easy| Healthy| Tasty | Balanced Meal

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17 Responses

  1. Sril Sarva says:

    Very different dish mam superb

  2. But unga kutty plates super ra iruku

  3. Super mam different ta iruku sure i will try mam

  4. The recipe which you uploaded it's really nice and tasty recipes because weekly once I prepare this rice ricepe

  5. Anitha S says:

    Can we use regular parboiled rice for this recipe or only raw rice?

  6. Awesome… very easy.. n quick recipe especially for making lunch at morning time… sister oru dout as u tld already dhall ellame oora vachu thaan use pannuma.. ? Adhula arisi n nilakadalai um included a? Ipd varukaramari situations la enne panlaam… n already oora vachu kaaya vachu kooda eduthu vachukalaama… ( even mulai kattina dhall kooda kaaya vachu eppavum cooking ku use panlaama… fry senji kooda cook panlaama ? ) fry pandrapo we got good smell … bt idhanala vitamins kuraya chance iruka ? plz reply. . @.@ : ) : )

  7. sai subi says:

    semma dish thank u amma 😍😘💕💞💝

  8. Hi Mam sure will try this dish mam can we roast and store the rice and dhal for anytime using purpose Mam…. 👌👌👌👌💐 Sundal rice post pannunga mam pls

  9. Hi sis very yummy dish really a complete meal.i think this is not ur kitchen looking new to me sis.

  10. Very beautiful recipe video. Great work friends.

  11. Nice dish.. vil try for my kid's lunch box tomorrow.. ThnQ..

  12. aruna p says:

    UNGA voice s really so sweet nd clearly explaining things nd also giving benefits…so well dear.. thanks a lot… Looking all it vedios one by one now… Doing grt job… I'm impressed dear

  13. Jaya super da😊😊

  14. aruna p says:

    Mam.. super dish…. Semmma

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