CRAZY 3 Ingredient Healthy Recipes! Sweet & Savory! – Mind Over Munch

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41 Responses

  1. Rayan says:

    Love these recipes!! Will definitely try!

  2. Cannot believe the avocado tuna salad was that easy. Thank you so much!!!

  3. The banana pancakes don’t work btw; I tried them many times

  4. Joobley says:

    Love that pancake recipe. Super simple

  5. I'm definetely going to try the tuna salad, once the avocados in my house are ripe. I am new to your channel, and really appreciate it because I am starting to eat healthier.

  6. I don’t have a hand mixer. Would it still be possible to make the chocolate mousse with something else, like a food processor?

  7. Alma Garcia says:

    Love your channel. Please make more of your 3 or less ingredients recipes.

  8. Neena says:

    2:58 What you came for.

  9. MIMIX015 says:

    i love your intros! you are awesome 😍

  10. Can I get more 3 ingredient vegan recipes? ♥

  11. sara35ish says:

    The cashew squares and the easy pancakes are AMAZING!!. I had never made home made pancakes from scratch. These were so easy to make and so filling.!!!

  12. C Gt says:

    LOVE!! Thank you for a healthy, yummy-looking alternative to ice cream!! (Can't handle dairy but I really miss it!)

  13. Still wondering how in the world did she do that yin-yang thingy with the salt and pepper. Anyone care to explain?

  14. Nina Ninat says:

    You're genius 😍😍

  15. How many pancakes are in one serving?

  16. What food processor do you use? My old Kitchen Aid one I got as a gift broke down 🙁
    I can spend up to $40 and don't want a small one. Strong enough for dough and nut butters, but also leak proof.
    Any recomendations? Please 🙂 Thanks!

  17. NayaJudah says:

    I made the pancakes this morning. It was really nice to be able to eat pancakes again. I had to keep reminding myself that they were in fact gluten free. My mind was bracing myself for a stomach ache ha.

  18. Rola Eadeh says:

    Amazing thx for sharing

  19. Kevin Kieu says:

    Is it possible to use steel cut oats instead of rolled oats?

  20. the Coconut Chocolate Mousse sounds perfect

  21. I have been missing the episodes.So i say a big hiii

  22. i really appreciate the effort that goes into your videos ! i would love to see you make 5 bento boxes with 25 dollars plant based preferably.

  23. Please do a non-vegan chilli

  24. I made the cashew butter squares and YUM! Disclaimer: I didn't have cashew butter, so I used natural peanut butter and I had left over toasted coconut and threw that in too. But still, your ideas are fabulous! Oh and last night I did the chicken/veggie dinner idea too! Hubby couldn't get enough of this one! Tomorrow's lunch will be the tuna/avocado lettuce wraps! Thank you for all the great healthy ideas!! Keep 'em coming!

  25. Janet C. says:

    As always, great ideas and thank you !!

  26. Loved every single recipe!!❤️

  27. 1C World says:

    I don't start school but Frist day in school I will take the oats pancake thanks for the recipe 😍😘

  28. Marta Canga says:

    Lovely ideas Alyssia! Always love your content xx

  29. giulia Italy says:

    Hi try to mix italan fresche cheese, ricotta, and cacao, and sweetener, with some liquor, or not

  30. At Tiffany's says:

    I was just curious if you were ever going to do a cookbook other than the ebook. I'm old school and I like to have an actual cookbook rather than an ebook lol

  31. Lee B says:

    oh the burger!!!! I have to make this 🙂

  32. MaggieOnline says:

    what would I do without this channel

  33. Made the pancakes for breakfast and the burgers for dinner. Both winners with my family and my picky 4 year old. New to your channel and love it! I especially appreciate the high quality of your videos.

  34. LOVE the vegan options, thank you so much for including!!

  35. Make healthy Benton lunch box

  36. This video is so beautiful , make alot of videos like that

  37. yonnie says:

    Yes, I love the recipe cards! While i do miss the pdf format, the cards are conveniently sized for referring in the kitchen! You and your team are always trying to be more accommodating to your audiencr, which I totally appreciate. Thanks guys!

  38. Younmentioned in one of ur videos that peanuts and nuts can make you gain weight is that true?can seeds do that too like soynuts or sunflower seeds?

  39. LOVE all these recipes!!!! Especially the BBQ veggie burgers and cashew butter squares. Cashew butter is my obsession <3

  40. 1queenruler says:

    These are awesome 👏🏻👍🏻❤️👸🏼

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