Low Fat Meal Prepping For Weight Loss – Healthy Meal Planning

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  1. Hey everyone, here are the macros. You asked for them to be segmented, so here you go 😉
    Macros per serving of meatballs, makes 5 servings:
    318 calories per serving(238 calories if using turkey breast)
    17.8 grams of fat per serving(5 grams fat if using turkey breast)
    3.24 grams of net carbs per serving
    34.5 grams of protein per serving
    0.4 grams of fiber per serving

    Macros per serving of quinoa & rice, makes 5 servings:
    245 calories per serving
    5.4 grams of fat per serving
    32.8 grams of net carbs per serving
    10.1 grams of protein per serving
    7.8 grams of fiber per serving

    Macros per serving of shishito peppers, makes 5 servings:
    32 calories per serving
    1 gram of fat per serving
    1.6 grams of net carbs per serving
    3.2 grams of fiber per serving
    8 grams of protein per serving

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  2. Nina alexa says:

    lol, Bulgaria. Im from Romania, we do the same thing when making anything with ground meat 😀

  3. This video got me to subscribe!

  4. Nerissa298 says:

    keto recipes -more please

  5. Andrea Dean says:

    Why not wash the peppers first?

  6. I'm obsessed with this channel. In our house we cook a lot. We love fresh, healthy whole foods. I love how easy, affordable and healthy all your recipes are. I've shared with all my friends. Keep up the great work.

  7. Zach Robin says:

    Low calorie and weight loss vids bud

  8. What are the portion sizes for the listed macros?

  9. Hey bobby, this looks really nice, I’m exited to try those peppers, also hit us up with some more weight loss meal preps if ur keen! Cheers

  10. Brittny Cole says:

    Oh can you also make a video on best ways to flavor Quinoa!?

  11. Brittny Cole says:

    Weight loss!! & Keto!

  12. Yummy I will definitely try this, without the cilantro … looking for easy, low budget , weight loss meals and I love Mexican. We eat lots of turkey burger

  13. Omg I thought the taste of soapy dish water was all in my head! Good to know there’s others out there that taste it too! Thanks for mentioning that!

  14. Karen Daly says:

    I have a question that is not related to todays recipes… What can I use to substitute olives in recipes? I like to cook with the oil but don't like the fruit. I usually just leave them out. Just wondering if there is something with similar benefits that I can use in their place. Love your Chanel

  15. Karen Daly says:

    Weight loss please as bathing suit weather. Is coming I hope as we still have snow on the ground. Eek

  16. Maple Flagg says:

    Looked fabulous and healthy. Please make more weight loss videos and talk about portion size as well. Thanks! 😊

  17. Love the low carb, low fat, not a lot of ingredient meal preps!

  18. Me gusta tu español Güeroo ,♡ you Bobby 😉😎😁

  19. Deb Fogarty says:

    Hi Bobby I love your videos. They are easy to follow and you are very entertaining. I have a question. I can't use a cast iron skillet because I have a convection stove top. What can I do to use some of your recipes without using a cast iron skillet? Thank You for your attention. Also I vote for more low calorie recipes. Thanks again

  20. Every pepper I bit into I was like alright. This should be the spicy one. And I had two bags! Not a single spicy one. So good plain like that! Also travels really well!

  21. Making me list now. Grocery store here I come

  22. I’d like to ask what is the “whole30?”

    Hubby is diabetic and has lost over 30 pounds with the dishes you prepare. 😊 His sugar levels are awesome and hopefully Dr. will take him off meds soon.

    I’ve prepared many of your healthy Keto and weight loss dishes for him. I just omit sugar/ honey and potatoes for cauliflower etc… We love all your spice rubs. I’m losing weight too but slower than him. Thank you so much Bobby! 😊😊😊

  23. I love all the recipes! I’d like more budget Keto recipes please. Budget weight loss also. Thank you so much Bobby! Everything you prepare is so delicious and healthy.

  24. Can you do a meal on a budget?

  25. Why do you use cold meatballs in the pan but not if they were in breast form? Confused

  26. Kori Skene says:

    Rice isn't unhealthy just calorie dense, as you said, so i think saying your quinoa version is 'healthier' is a bit misleading. That aside, this looks delicious. Especially the meatballs, i will definitely be making those! I'd love to see more whole 30 recipes.

  27. Hi Bobby. I made this meal as part of my meal preparation for being a registered nurse on an insanely busy cardiac telemetry unit where one of the ways I make the shift enjoyable is to have a healthy meal where I have a say for what's in it, and how it is made. I'm switching over to a hospice RN case manager in the next two weeks where I will not have access to a microwave or oven to reheat meals (I'll be driving from patient location to patient location through the day, and most of the patients will be living in their own home/apartment where using what they off is not professional).

    If you could showcase some recipes for meal prepping that can be eaten cold or lukewarm that would be fantastic. Thank you.

  28. Omar Tafech says:

    Just found this channel.. how don't you have a billion subs already?

  29. Manuel G says:

    Yo Bobby, I just made a dried rub chicken breast with paprika, pepper and tumeric, threw on the pan. It's amazing. Thanks for your videos!

  30. Love your Spanish and even more the recipe . the chiles en nogada are my ultimate favorite dishe to coock.
    It is my first time watching your videos and I'm in love whith all the recipes i saw

  31. Weight loss with budget in mind kind of meal prep/recipes please. I’ll definitely try these soon.

  32. AggieTink says:

    Healthy budget friendly please

  33. whole 30 on a budget!

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