10 Delicious And Impressive Desserts | Twisted

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22 Responses

  1. Watching this is way better that actually eating the food cause you don’t feel guilty afterwards 😁👍

  2. That Apple cake is a bit stupid with whole apples. Every piece but the middle will just be apple. I'd just slice them in wedges

  3. G V says:

    Is that uncooked dough in choco mouse?

  4. This are more delicion cake in world

  5. nigga fuck u bitch nigga crushing good ass cookies pussy.

  6. I'll make this when I want to impress people I'm visiting

  7. Uncook dough ???? Then whip cream on top ??? Ewww….nah uh.☺

  8. Se ven todas una delicias esas resetas …. Pero deberian subtitularla es español para que se nos haga mas facil hacer esas resetas …..

  9. howdy my friend- thats an amazing video. u got a sub 😉

  10. Rachel Hall says:

    Sorry to be that person but some of your ideas, these ones especially, are just unreal in the worst possible way. I know it's all for show but sometimes board lines ridonkulous mayn

  11. * @sliding the scale…

  12. Franz Q. R. says:

    Mmmmmmmmm… Delicius

  13. Bunny Smith says:

    When will people realize raw cookie dough screams 1992. That was 26 years ago, people! Cook your frickin cookie dough , already. These are beautiful desserts but not breakfast. Cinnamon and fruit are eaten at other meals, too.

  14. DDS11 says:

    I'm on a diet though 😢😢😢😢

  15. “12 Sweet Breakfast Treats”
    (Opens with title about desserts)

  16. Nick Sexton says:

    ah yes, i too have cookie dough bottomed chocolate mousse cake when i’m craving something sweet for breakfast

  17. i like it top cooking!

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