What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals

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38 Responses

  1. What you eat is only one sandwich.

  2. mai peralta says:

    Just subscribed to your channel I love Love Love it!!! Btw where did u get ur water jug from

  3. Highnotes says:

    Thanks!! I needed this motivation at the moment 🙂

  4. Tal B says:

    If 6:30 is “pretty early” what would 4:00am be?

  5. 1:37 you know you can hand wash your lunch box interior right?

  6. Vanessa Lora says:

    +HealthNut Nutrition, this was a great video. 🙂 That yogurt parfait looked really good. I don’t work right now but at lunch time I usually like to have a sandwich, either turkey or tuna and a fruit. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your video and looking forward to seeing more great ones. 🙂

  7. Maryam Nazir says:

    Love your video. My office food routine is same as yours. 😊 I just don't take green smoothie bcz of its bad taste.

  8. Maryam Nazir says:

    Once I made green smoothie but it's taste was so bad. I couldn't drink it.
    How do you people drink it?

  9. Lol that much time for preparing nd eating foods i rarely had time to take lunch nd sometime not enough time to drink water too

  10. Laur j says:

    Amazing!! Thanks so much for the vid and all the variations.You are very very organized and the food looks so yum.Also, Check this tea https://bit.ly/2mGQlQA , it's awesome.

  11. I really love this video!!! 😍😍😍😍

  12. When does she works……..

  13. H H says:

    You are so positive 😍❤️

  14. Ali Kazemi says:

    You eat every day egg for your lunch??!!!!

  15. This was sooo helpful im going to be going to college monday and Wednesday from 8am-7:15pm and its so nice to see a youtuber that actually goes somewhere during the day that actually goes somewhere!

  16. Jow Chen says:

    Thank you for sharing. I feel very inspired to eat more healthier at my job.

  17. the way you cut your mango gave me anxiety

  18. I am a doctor and have barely time to eat. I just have a glass of water duhh

  19. Saahib Vlog says:

    Apologies for being ill-mannered but you have got the perfect ass.

  20. Hi Healthnut.
    What is the background song?

  21. sandy6500 says:

    I see you more eating than working 😂

  22. nia bby says:

    Tell me wat type of job do u do?

  23. beauty zzz says:

    Eat eat eat eat 😥

  24. Karla Ortiz says:

    I keep watching this video everytime I use youtube and I love it!:)

  25. aishwarya896 says:

    Hi I enjoyed watching your video..I want the link for that jar in which you got green smoothie to office..without that lid will not help

  26. Michie Xo says:

    "Time to hit the road actualy train in my case" no actualy it would be hit the railroads

  27. Ofelia Roman says:

    What vitamin you take?

  28. How are you ? Hello channal pretty much make video recordings of noctural light food …..and thank you 😚😙😗😍😘

  29. katrr says:

    5:42 Thoughts as I'm watching: oops you dropped a piece… uh pieces… o well just throw it all over the table that's fine! lol

  30. Gin L says:

    You can't call something an egg salad if there are no eggs. :/

  31. Whoo hoo! Thirty-one! I love the company and I am actually an Independent Consultant!

  32. Bahut खाती हो मैडम

  33. What is the song played in the video?

  34. What is the song played throughout the video?

  35. Can u do the smoothie the night before without it going off? I go to work at 4.30 in the morning and everyone still asleep so I can use the blender.

  36. Jenny Eid says:

    Welcome back? I haven't been here before lol

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