Yummy Cook Sea Crab Recipe – Cooking Big Crab for Dinner Eating Delicious

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  1. B G says:

    Y leave the peel on the garlic?

  2. Eres tan estupido que crees que no sabemos que eso lo has comprado en la tienda,lo único que tiene tu canal de primitivo eres tú,que eres un puto orangután de mierda.

  3. Candy Love says:


  4. Black .angel says:

    I noticed that on many similar channels you have a painted finger. what is it related to?

  5. Myrtle Syd says:

    This is some great food guys. I give you both and the foods a perfect 10. However the skinny guy he doesn't like crabs he just waste the blinking crabs by spitting it out as soon as it goes in his mouth.

  6. الاخوه حبيبى العرب لعشاق الأكلات الريفيه المصريه والطبيعه المصريه شوفو مملكتى

  7. Karjo Arios says:

    Enak kepiting nya,pintar bmgt masak nya yaaaaa

  8. Vũ Nguyen says:

    Sống trog rừng mà ăn cua ngu như bò phí

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