Pinterest Summer Lunches +How To Make Them- What to Eat – Pinterest Recipes – Bella Boo’s Lunches

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25 Responses

  1. Oh that taco yum!! Ha I think there's no such thing as the 1 correct way to roll it up but if it doesn't spill out it's a winner xx

  2. Oh my gosh now I’m hungry 😩 btw ilysm ❤️

  3. Ella Boros says:

    Love the video sorry I’m 29 minutes late I was eating

  4. That sald looks for for🥗😖

  5. That sald looks for for🥗😖

  6. Crystal Case says:

    Ive never seen avocados like that how do they taste?

  7. Love it cool video💙🌹🦄

  8. Itz_amber22 says:

    Love love love ur videos. I saw on ur live i could some how become a mon. I would love to help keep yucky people away❤❤❤

  9. T P says:

    Can you please give me a shoutout in your videos and my mum tried your recipe that you posted yesterday and it turned out amazing my mum is also going to try this recipe

  10. Hi I love you guys I love watching your vids in my spare time 💕💕 Please make Bella say ogurt more cuz it’s so cute😂💕💕

  11. Hi love you guys
    Who else loves bella and amy

  12. HEYYYY CAN YOU PLEASE REPLY (first) these lunches look delicious

  13. Carmen Lyth says:

    I hope you are having a great day

  14. Pls give me a shout out

  15. First! Also from one of your livestreams, I remember you said that to become a moderator for the livestreams, you need to be early a lot and ask in one of the videos. So I’m asking if I could be a moderator.

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