Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Lunch – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast -Indian Veg Meal | Skinny Recipes

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  1. Hey guys, sharing an healthy and oil free weight loss salad recipe for lunch or for dinner, its a perfect meal for monsoons! As usual, I will be here the next 30 mins to answer your comments/doubts – so guys comment and like this video. Thank you for your support and love ❤️❤️
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  2. SAYANIKA DAS says:

    How to lose 20kg to 25kg
    I'm a problem PCOD & URIC ASIDE
    Help Me. …

  3. Mayura says:

    Is there any alternative for potato!

  4. Mayura says:

    Was finding the same and the bell rings 😘😘 Thank you dear

  5. Plz make a video on homemade smudge proof kajal…

  6. Loved it👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Can I eat in dinner time? Which time should be better for taking this?

  8. Can't eat onion…can u tell me the alternate of that?? Thank u..😊

  9. Usha T says:

    Hi Akka.. i am ur new subsciber..loved all ur videos..👍🏻

  10. I hav a request vil u do sm healthy recepie fr 1 yr old bAby.. I'm having so many confusion abt giving balanced diet fr my son.. prefer a malayaali taste.. plss help deaar

  11. abithaa suku says:

    Njnaum weight loss journeyila. Thanks for the new salad.

  12. Yojana Tambe says:

    Helloooo mam…Nice recipe as always 😊 thx😘

  13. Nice recipie
    I will try it tomorrow

  14. 👩💬Cool💫

  15. Mam plz suggest a good brand of pink Himalayan salt

  16. Excellent recipe mam😋😋

  17. Nice and healthy. No tomatoes with cucumber very good.

  18. Can't digest cucumber.. what will be the alternative?

  19. Looks good. Will try it out. Can I use canned corn?

  20. Awesome !!! But I have a doubt .. can I use normal salt instead of Himalayan salt?

  21. Vinu 509 says:

    Is it ok to have potatoes while on a weight loss journey

  22. Any recipes with sweet potatoes.
    Do share them.
    Thank you for the video.

  23. Riya Dutta says:

    Your recipies are awesome… Do try this recipes it's really effective

  24. Superb.. mindblowing

  25. Poonam Verma says:

    mam so yummy l loving it u r superb

  26. Vijaya Rao says:

    Another great recipe Nisha, thanks for sharing

  27. Deepa Aju says:

    Mam, mayonnaise njan nereatte undakki vachittund, ohh…. Enta taste, superb, salad njan urappayum try cheyyum, potatoes nallathano mam

  28. Shalini S says:

    WOOW.. I was waiting for someone to tell me that potatoes are healthy.. Now I have all the reason in the world to eat my two favorites – potatoes are sweet corn.. totally guilt free………. Can't thank you enough Ma'am.. 🙂

  29. Hello ma'am, m a hostelite girl n I am really thankful for this video. This is very easy to make and helpful video. Thanks again

  30. Mam.. super dish…
    One doubt.. can we give dishes made with himalayan pink salt to 2 n half year old baby?

  31. Kartick Pai says:

    Can i replace Apple cider with oil? Thanks!

  32. Excellent.
    Sweet corn and regullar challi may kiaa ferk hay?

  33. Ma'am.. any alternatives for potatoes?

  34. Woww itss super and best part is Cashew dressing :-*

  35. Hi Nisha ji love your all videos.mam I m47 year's menopause period.will I be able to reduce belly fat.i have only belly fat.weight is 59kg

  36. Suman Meena says:

    U n ur voice is so beautifull 🍫

  37. Would you pls post receipes for weight gain as well… Thank u…

  38. hello mam….superb salad..

  39. sai krishnaa says:

    Thank u ma'am for this nice recipe…. can a thyroid patient consume carrot and beetroot

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