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  1. Nicoletta xo says:

    HELLO LOVES! Bringing another #BTSWITHNICOLETTA I hope you enjoyed and found this useful! PS. If you are curious where I got my lemon bag I linked it in the description I have gotten questions where it is from hehe


  2. Cece's world says:

    Is so healthy and all your ideas are the BEST 💖💖💖

  3. Elle Diaz says:

    My favorite pizza is mushroom!! Mmmmmmm

  4. Make more of these vids

  5. DEBBI EDWIN says:

    I love this idea! Im going to grade 7 so i would rlly need this!!!!!

  6. *entire month until school starts

  7. Cece's world says:

    I💖 Nicoletta xo 💘💘💘

  8. I still have and entire month of school

  9. Cece's world says:

    Cool lunch ideeeeeeas bro I mean GIRL hilarious right. 😂😂😂

  10. A- says:

    Just what I needed, thank you! 💗

  11. I love cheese pizza to

  12. yess i love this video so much ! thank you for being my favorite youtuber 💗 ☺️

  13. Please make a part 2!! Where did you gedt your containers? I love purple onions and green peppers on my pizza.

  14. Pepperoni and vegetables

  15. Emily Amelia says:

    Pepperoni and vegetable

  16. Emily Amelia says:

    Love you! Thanks for the tips ♥️

  17. Daleina Da says:

    Adding some parsley or seafood is one of my fav go tos‘😇👌🏻

  18. AAGA JUDO says:

    Great video! 😩school is coming!!!

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