HEALTHY Lunch Ideas! Easy & Perfect For School!

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17 Responses

  1. Can cabbage be replaced the collar from the first recipe ?

  2. That's why you put the eggs in cold water and bring it up to a boil, once at a boil either simmer for 10 minutes then ice bath or take it off the heat and allow to seep for 15 min

  3. yey! going to try these!

  4. your so HEALTHY and im here being a junkie

  5. Windy Conley says:

    Can u explain the fasting for woman again? I had no idea I should not be fasting everyday… 🙄

  6. Hi what do those pasta noodles taste like ? Can you eat with pasta sauce do you have cook them ? I like the way you explain each item the health benefits !

  7. Great ideas! The wrap looked really yummy btw! Also what were the brand of the crackers you used? They looked like Wheat Thins, but I don't think they were. Nice video!

  8. Oh my, tomorrow is my first day of junior year in high school! This came right on time, haha! Thanks!

  9. Angela A. says:

    How do you eat collards raw? They are so chewy I can’t seem to get through them or digest them well ever.

  10. rola beauty says:

    I watch your video allready but did't have time to leave a this collrad wrap.😚

  11. Humna Modan says:

    These look good so good OMG! I’m hungry right now 😂

  12. Thank you for linking those bags, I’m need to get them!

  13. kadence m says:

    Do you have any possible replacements for the sweet potato in the first lunch? Loved the video so much!! <3

  14. Danny Danny says:

    All in one little package ^_^

  15. Autumn Eve says:

    Awesome video as usual <3 ❤️ what are the bags made out of?

  16. HEY GUYS! Enjoy this healthy lunches video! the nest one will be healthy breakfasts and they are YUM 🙂

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