3 Healthy (and DELICIOUS) Instant Pot Recipes – Plus INSTANT POT GIVEAWAY!

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  1. manny silva says:

    Already have an Instant Pot but would love one for my daughter in law. She's has a busy life with a family to feed and this would come in handy for her!!! Love your videos!!! Thank you!! Lori

  2. Did my entries! Fingers crossed .😊🀞🏻
    Been doing my research on instant pots & been looking forward to one for about a year now , while watching your vids along the way !(:

    #GoodFood #InstantPot #Healthy

  3. Ty for all the great recipes.

  4. Thanks for opportunity to win Instant Pots. They are amazing!!
    I even cook Gumbo in mine!

  5. Sharon B says:

    Love your videos. Would like to enter the contest, however I don't feel comfortable including birthdate. Thanks for the recipes!!!

  6. Thanks for the chance at winning an instant pot! It’s an expensive purchase.

  7. A BONUS videoπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  8. I would love to have an Instant Pot but I’m not going to allow some website I do not want to see or have them slam my email with junk mail to get one πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  9. Just made your pot roast – it's delicious!

  10. Can you do a chicken Florentine pretty please. Love your videos.

  11. I don't want to be rude here but, girl, you should cut down on the salt here, why don't you use garlic powder and or onion powder instead ? its much healthier and taste the same, thats what i do, i try to cut down on the salt, no easy but its worth it so, its just a suggestion ! Have a nice week end !

  12. Really enjoying your instant pot recipes! An instant pot is on my birthday wish list 😊 Hoping I can make these soon

  13. These look INCREDIBLE! Thanks for teaming up with me; hope everyone enjoys these meals!

  14. If you don't have a rack you can also ball up some foil. I have done this recipe with chicken.

  15. JKMCraveTV says:

    We just got a instant pot and we absolutely love it!!!! We also love your channel πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ

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