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  1. I can see how much thought and work you put into this video and I loved it!

  2. Silvia Gamez says:

    I love that top !!!
    And the black one too !!!
    Where did you get it !?

  3. Not sure if this was asked- what kind of apples did you use?? I usually buy gala or Golden delicious 😍

  4. The close-up at like 2:39. Those eyebrows. Girl. You are killing it. You are stunning. Those big, fantastic, goal-worthy brows. You are all the goals.

  5. Obscura x says:

    'no baking in this video!'

    >bakes for 2 hours lol

  6. Katy Su says:

    i got some apples in the fridge am going to make it RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. morgan coley says:

    Does anyone know where her top is from?? I absolutely adore it 😭

  8. GET AN AIR FRYER AND YOU WILL GO NUTS. You can put carrots in it and it taste like french fries!

  9. Penny Aucoin says:

    You make me smile and laugh! Love ya gurl 💜💜

  10. “She has a man, but she doesn’t neeed a man.” Yessssss Whit!!

  11. changes nail color while waiting for apple crisps to bake

  12. Moni Nicolae says:

    Like always, you are so fun to watch and I love following your recipes <3 Making simple but good stuff, giiiirl, I am all about that.

  13. Leyu Yared says:

    They aren't helthy at all

  14. C - Roses says:

    Yay Garden of Life!! Love this brand and all their protein powder options ☝️🙌😍

  15. Norma Madden says:

    You're awesome thank you so much for the recipes!!

  16. Amanda James says:

    Gotta love the relatable, fun Whitneyy

  17. hauley kuns says:

    I just love youuuu!! 😘😘 Your makeup is so good I looooooove those brows!

  18. I don’t know if it’s just my phone while I’m watching but your words and lips moving aren’t in sync😕 maybe it’s the mic? But I love you!

  19. Jules Lewis says:

    Yay! Whitney is back!

  20. Cute kitchen but you're soo far away lol 😂💕

  21. Yummy yummy! I love apple chips!!! I always buy the ones from Trader Joe’s, but that seemed so simple I’m going to have to make my own. 💕

  22. Whitney, you are my spirit animal! I absolutely love watching your videos! Thank you for always making me laugh and always coming in clutch with the best videos. ILY, ILY, ILYSM! 💕

  23. Sammy Jones says:

    Made the apple chips and the granola bars and they’re both yummy! Thank you 😋

  24. Haley Amsel says:

    These bars look A M A Z I N G!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Can’t wait to try 😍

  25. derphina says:

    First I thought you are going to pour in some monster drink in those bars. Because ya know.. Moster?? My bad


  27. My favorite part of this is how you show yourself filming and dealing with the mic situation. Some would edit it out but I like really that you didn’t. Excellent artistic choice. This is Art

  28. Hey…. I am totally new to this gym thing….so I really wanna know…. How much weight should I use at the beginning??? I wanna work my gluteus …. I never lifted weight before and I wanna start doing it! Please help me😢

  29. M K says:

    Ahhh loving your videos their quality their style and your personality😩 love how you always keep it funny and entertaining while staying true to yourself.

  30. Akilah Musa says:

    I do the rice cakes too, but I also add turkey pepperoni on top!!

  31. I really enjoyed this vid!

  32. Im not used to seeing you without long nails!

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