3 Healthy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss

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21 Responses

  1. Aryan says:

    Can we use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon

  2. OneZa ManZa says:

    What song did u use for this vid?

  3. Second n third one were best will try definitely 😘

  4. crazy yma says:

    Hi,Thank you for the video.. Im one of your fan here!😘 pls always upload video..Your recipe is really great and big help to me! More video pls.. 😀

  5. Gheed M. says:

    Your videos are SO GREAT! Keep it up 😀

  6. 👍💪VERY BEAUTIFUL TASTY GOOD! Thank you!🍏🍎🍌

  7. MG UNIVERSE says:

    you should use another sause because olive oil is empty calories

  8. Pour Vegetarian high protein video receipes for fat lose please

  9. Always love all your recipes,,easy, delicious,, n,, really helps a lot to lost weight,, ❤️👍😋

  10. mitesh shah says:

    From which country u are ?, India

  11. Fifi Zozo says:

    Yum delicious 😋I benefited from your videos a lot 🌹you're creative😍

  12. Bhavana Sai says:

    Hey there,
    Love your recipes
    Please do some oats recipes ❤️

  13. Rowan Ehab says:

    it's look really delicious 😋 and no regret for trying another recipe from you bc you already making my day

  14. Hamza Naveed says:

    Can you please tell me??

  15. Hey can u make new breakfast food video like smoothie sandwich with low calorie meabs under 200

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