Healthy Vegan Salad Recipes that Don’t Suck

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  1. Want to save these recipes for later? You find them + TONS of other delicious Vegan recipes on my Pinterest page:

  2. just wanted to say that ur eyebrows are bomb and im loving them. (and u. but ur eyebrows are gorge)

  3. I feel like your video/editing style is a bit different recently and I LOVE IT, you go girl <3

  4. Nic R says:

    Dude. These look so legit 🤓

  5. laquh says:

    These look so good, can't wait to try them!

  6. Defo adding those to my salad menu thank you for sharing….more please and the dressings xx from England

  7. Dee Liteful says:

    Ambrosia, Tuna, and there are a lot of other “salads” that don’t have leafy greens, so who cares if your chickpea salad doesn’t. It looks delicious either way.

  8. Naty Arantes says:

    omg, can't wait to try the Mediterranean salad!!
    btw… you rock =)

  9. Maxine says:

    I literally got a mcdonald’s ad before this.

  10. Manyla says:

    uuuuuh I looove this video! One thing i'm missing in my diet is salads, because i don't want to think about the ways to make them not boring. So thank you for doing it for me and the rest of vegan community <3

  11. Kimberly K says:

    These look really good. I love the homemade, oil free dressings. Those are my jam!
    I’m going to def try the first two next work week ☺️

  12. E Pearson says:

    I grew up on Mediterranean food. All salads….when I moved temporarily to the las vegas strip I would go to the all you can eat buffets. All these couples on vacay would eat junk with a salad on the side….the salad was iceberg with French or thousand island….i couldn't even see the lettuce. I was like, no wonder so many people don't like veggies!!!!

  13. Stelina Pas says:

    I literally made the 2nd salad myself today (minus the beets) before watching the video omg

  14. Lilly Ayesh says:

    Watching this video as I’m eating a salad with lemon juice and nutritional yeast as a “dressing” 😂 def gonna try these

  15. Mai Mohamed says:

    Added to my vegan food playlist, thank you😘✨👌

  16. i need that quinoa salad in my life… i love the combination of apple and walnuts… especially in salads!!

  17. Love the oil free salads!!! More please!

  18. PASCAL says:

    The first salad is the "M" salad 🙂

  19. I think by now I would personally pay youtubers to finally do some vegan recipes based on a sobitol intolerance …

  20. Yesssss, food mom. All the recipes look amazing.❤

  21. Jon Sparano says:

    Oh my God! The Beet Lentil salad contains some of the healthiest things on the planet! Thank You SO much!

  22. yes!!! salad is awesome 👍👍👍👌👌👌

  23. My favourite ones are whatever ones which have the lentils ,chickpeas or quinoa in them.

    Not every vegan is raw,for example, FullyrawKristina is a raw vegan & I'm not sure where she gets her protein from,Yovana Mendoza has went from being fully raw to becoming a vegan who eats the cooked vegan foods.

    I haven't been eating much salad coming out of winter into spring in Australia so yesterday & today I cooked up an easy vegan black bean recipe using nothing but canned black beans,onion,garlic, Vegetta vegetable stock,lemon juice,cumin powder,cayenne pepper & oregano.

    The herbs ,spices & lemon juice is what gives it its flavour & I had a bowl of it for lunch today & yesterday.

    I saved half of what I made today & cooked some rice up for my evening meal,added the refrigerated black bean mix then reheated it in the microwave.

    I'm going to have some of that for lunch tomorrow & with rice again,it tastes nice & goes further with rice,it's all the flavouring that makes it taste nice so it nice that vegan food doesn't have to be boring.

  24. The Mediterranean salad looked the best!

  25. Cindi Green says:

    Looking forward to trying these!!

  26. This blueberry dressing looks amazing!

  27. Taylor Jones says:

    I LOVE ARUGULA!!! My fav salad that I eat about four times a week and constantly have these ingredients to hand: arugula, cherry tomatoes, red (yellow or orange) bell pepper, and then I’ll sauté mushrooms and onions (in water), topped with pumpkin seeds, and lemon as my dressing and salt to enhance the flavors! I’ll add avocado if I have it. It’s soooo good 🙂

  28. These look so good! I've been on a salad kick lately and discovered my deep passion for dijon mustard – I hated mustard for the longest time, but apparently my taste buds finally came around to it! Weirdly I'm most drawn to the salad with beets, even though I don't really like beets. Maybe it's time to try them yet again?

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