How I Make My Favorite Japanese Recipes

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  1. Rie is so cute and funny! I love seeing her in videos 💖

  2. Sage Botha says:

    I love her accent 😍 she’s my favorite tasty producer by far

  3. ysa echavia says:


  4. Arya Dueck says:

    Can I just say, your English is great for not being your first language. I’m always amazed by people who know multiple languages

  5. Kylie Xiong says:

    Omg she is the best! 💗💗💗

  6. IzzyLazy says:

    Please be my mom Rie!!

  7. Lauma L says:

    i might try fruit roll cake, russian cream puffs and omurice. it seems delicious and easy to do.

  8. Mike D says:

    i think shes one of my favorites

  9. Mark Kramer says:

    Hi Rie, if you get a chance, can you make a video on how to make Oden and Katsu Don? Love the video!!!

  10. grace! says:

    this is making me realise how unhealthy japanese food is; regardless, a lovely video by a lovely woman!!

  11. She talks about being insecure about her accent, but to me, it sounds very elegant and serene. It's just a thing for me and the people I grew up around in my community that there are a lot of different accents bouncing around, and each one is beautiful in its own way.

  12. nick gadd says:

    We love you Rie you're the best

  13. Awe rie is so precious

  14. TheChosenOne says:

    I thought I was the only one that put ketchup on their rice

  15. Ríe u are so good and i love to te way u speak!! And the videos that u participate 😊

  16. Jared Perez says:

    Yes!!! Imma try that Omurice… Looks a lot easier, Ty so much… 😍

  17. Derpy jake says:

    Wow! There is so many tasty foods from all different cultures! I wonder what other foods are out there… Remember, you may be different from other people or kids in your school, but don't be afraid about the food you eat for lunch, or the clothes you wear. You can be an interesting person that has lots of stories to tell about your own culture. You can make a difference, so don't be scared.

  18. Smol Bean says:

    we love you rie!! you’re trending !!

  19. haibernating says:

    yay RIE!!!! the internet loves u

  20. MrNick1911 says:

    You are my Favorite person on tasty’s staff

  21. This lady is just a blessing

  22. Grace Cai says:

    Love u rie!! :') and i love your videos too

  23. Rie speaks with such passion in her videos. Nevermind the accent, because if you’re passionate about something, that’s all that matters. 😊

  24. english is not my first language same here, ILY RIE ❤️❤️

  25. DovahKitty says:

    Another lovely video with Rie :3

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