6 Slow Cooker Meals

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41 Responses

  1. Murtuzaali says:

    Slow cooked chicken taco and ribs, rest are horrible dishes

  2. Dashynae Day says:

    Those ribs at the end oh my God!!!!

  3. Dang yummy πŸ˜‹ πŸ€—πŸ˜‹

  4. Babin Sarkar says:

    Hey any guy of TASTY plz send me some of them as a parcel…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  5. Awenda says:

    For the stew I only use small carrots as the large one taste woody in the winter, I also add celery. Yum

  6. April McCall says:

    I love your meals and the videos are so fun!

  7. these all taste the same – of GARLIC

  8. zahid Baloch says:

    I am single since last 15 years , slow cooker has revolutionized my life ,cooking is so easy now that I no longer need a wife ,thank you crockpot

  9. All looks yummy .Will try .Thanks.

  10. geeetube says:

    pfffft why bother calling it a slow cooker recipe video when you use a frypan and oven in every recipe?????? RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  11. Myla Pope says:

    That first one looks divine! Looks like that’s my lunch prep for this week.

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  13. chicken recipe at 116 and 216

  14. so 12 hours for ribs? i dnt have the patience for that.

  15. I'm loving this. Please make more cooker videos, are there any set it up, leave for work, come back and it's done recipes? And are there any low sodium and low suger substitutes I can use, for example the broth and teriyaki sauce?

  16. ralexlu says:

    That last one earned you the thumbs up

  17. killafocker says:

    The only thing worth making are the ribs

  18. killafocker says:

    Why the fuck is the video so fast, I had to waste my time clicking and making it slower

  19. casey s says:

    Every recipe looks so delicious! I will try all of these, thank you!

  20. Looks DELISH! I would love to feature this on our website slowcookerrecipes.org

  21. MAGA MAN says:

    Being vegan is actually bad for your health. I figured it out after being vegan for 10 years (I'm a slow learner). There are things in meat that your body needs. It's also expensive and there's no such thing a a quick vegan meal (PBJ's don't count as a meal).

  22. Snazzy Azza says:

    Whenever I see the title of a video and it mentions about slow cookery I will be there and eat it all lol not joking I love slow cooked meals

  23. Why would you destroy a perfectly good meal by adding onion?
    Have you no self respect?

  24. Samuel Tayag says:

    U guys should never trust people whose name starts with S

  25. peter c says:

    How do the ribs look so crispy But none of the other meats do…? Was it broiled in oven after slow cooker?

  26. movie guy99 says:

    I keep trying slow cooker recipes with various sauces and they keep being massive fails. It always smells and looks amazing but all the sauces seem to do is make the food wet. They don't really provide much flavor.

  27. where are the printable recipes?

  28. Dusty Radio says:

    Half way I started enjoying the music and stopped paying attention to the recipes

  29. Ullish1989 says:

    Does anyone know if you can substitute beef for kangaroo in the second recipe?? Kangaroo is a much leaner meat, very little fat

  30. Wow pretty healthy too besides the salt

  31. Video ruined by annoying music

  32. SoCal Indi says:

    Some of these are so much work might as well pay someone else to do this and I just eat it lol

  33. Jenna Axne says:

    The link for the recipes didn’t work for me. . .

  34. David Ortiz says:

    Can any one tell me how the slow recipe would taste with beef?

  35. Omg kill the music! Another thumbs down.

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